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Mar 03, 2021
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Heated Debate On Iran-Gulf Tensions – Tehran-Based Lebanese Journalist Hakam Amhaz: Arab Rulers Are Taking The Region To The Unknown; Bahraini Researcher Abdulla Aljunaid: You Will Not Be Able to Stop Us From Striking Deep Inside Iran

#8740 | 02:40
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Tehran-based Lebanese journalist Hakam Amhaz said that if Iran is attacked or its national security harmed, all the military sites in the area will be in Iran's target bank, saying: "disasters will happen." He made these remarks on a show that aired on Russia Today on March 3, 2021. Bahraini researcher Abdulla Aljunaid burst into laughter upon hearing these threats, Amhaz responded: "We shall see who will have the last laugh." He added that the Gulf countries have made an alliance with the "American Satan" and left the "Arab framework," therefore they must: "Watch out."Aljunaid said that Iran will not be able to stop the Gulf countries from striking deep inside Iran and beyond Tehran. He added that the battle of Dhi Qar, between the Arabs and Persians that took place before Islam, would be repeated, but this time it would take place on Persian soil. Amhaz started laughing as he heard this.

Hakam Amha: "Iran threatens that if it is attacked, or if its national security is harmed, it will react forcefully against the source of the attack. Let me tell you, even more than that, all the military sites in the area are now in [Iran's] target bank. In one moment, with a click of a button, all hell can break loose. If someone happens in the area, disasters will happen. Therefore, the rulers of the Arab regimes must understand that they are taking the region towards and unknown future...

"Laugh, yes. What does this laughter mean? Laugh all you want, but we shall see who will have the last laugh. In any case, they made an alliance with the American Satan – congratulations... The laughter of a fool. Laugh, you fool, laugh. Please, Mr. Abdalla, let's listen to each other without interrupting.

Panelist: "Leave him. Let him laugh... Please, let's listen to each other. Go ahead. Mr. Hakam."

Amha: "Let him laugh. He is laughing because he has no proper answer. Think strategically! You are leaving the Arab framework, leaving Egypt, leaving the Islamic states, taking the [Gulf] region out of its Islamic and Arab environment, and making an alliance with Satan. So watch out!"


Abdulla Aljunaid: "I can assure you, that we are fully capable of absorbing the first and second blow. However, I would like to say to your regime in Tehran: You will not be able to stop our strikes deep inside Iran and beyond Tehran.


"We do not wish for war, but if it is forced upon us, Iran will know that we are capable of repeating the [pre-Islamic] battle of Dhi Qar, only this time it will not take place on Iraqi soil, but deep inside Persia. That is a promise!"

Amha: "Now you made me laugh. Now you made me laugh."

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