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Dec 03, 2020
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Qatari Academic Professor Dr. Ali Al-Hail: Qatar Is Willing To Reconcile With The Saudis But Not With The Emiratis, Who Have Crossed The Line And Offended The Honor Of Sheikha Moza

#8511 | 01:14
Source: TRT Arabic (Turkey)

On December 3, 2020, TRT Arabic (Turkey) aired a debate about potential reconciliation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Qatari Professor Dr. Ali Al-Hail said that Qatar is willing to negotiate about reconciliation with Saudi Arabia, if Saudi Arabia apologizes and has no preconditions. He said that the cold welcome that Jared Kushner received in Qatar shows Qatar’s disregard for the "last-minute diplomacy" being employed by President Trump. He said that Qatar has no problem with Saudi Arabia, but it will not reconcile with the UAE, which has crossed the red line and offended the women of Qatar, chiefly Sheikha Moza, mother of the Emir of Qatar. Saudi military and strategic expert Muhammad Al-Qubayban said that for things to return to normal, Qatar must accept Saudi Arabia's six or seven conditions and return to the negotiation table. Dr. Al-Hail is an International Fulbright Visiting Scholar, consultant to Qatar Media Corporation, Fulbright Award winner, and vice president of the Qatar Fulbright Group (QFG), according to his Twitter account.

Dr. Ali Al-Hail: "Qatar does not care about Trump's last-minute diplomacy. Trump is playing a garbage game. [Kushner's] cold reception in Qatar is an evidence of this. Qatar has no objection to reconciliation with Saudi Arabia, but it will not reconcile with the UAE, which has crossed all the red lines. The UAE has offended the honor of our girls, our women, and our mothers, as well as the honor of the mother of the Qatari people, Sheikha Moza. They have crossed the line even in the sense of our customs and our Arabian Gulf heritage. Qatar insists that Saudi Arabia and any of those other countries apologize first of all, and then lift the siege. After that, we and Saudi Arabia will sit at the negotiation table and engage in a dialogue without any preconditions."

Muhammad Al-Qubayban: "Riyadh insists that Qatar return to the negotiation table after accepting conditions presented by Saudi Arabia, which amount to six or seven conditions, in order for things to go back to normal."

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