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Apr 30, 2022
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Dearborn, Michigan Quds Day Rally: We Call For Armed Resistance, Complete Liberation Of Palestine; The Cancerous Israeli Entity Is Quivering In Fear; The Zionists Are Breathing Their Last Breaths

#9543 | 01:29
Source: Online Platforms - "Dearborn.org on Facebook"

On April 29, 2022, an International Quds Day rally in Dearborn, Michigan organized by the Al-Quds Committee was streamed live on the Dearborn. org Facebook page. The rally moderator called for a "noble, honorable, [and] brave armed resistance" in Palestine and for its "complete liberation." He rejected the two-state solution and said that there is no distinction between Gaza, the West Bank, and the rest of Palestine. In addition, Michigan author Fatima Najdi recited a poem about how she could see the "quivering fear" of the "cancerous entity" that is Israel and the “final rasping breath of those Zionists." She also said that when Tel Aviv is razed to the ground, people will shout: "Never to Humiliation!" For more about the Al-Quds Committee, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 7284.

Fatima Najdi: "Do you hear what I am hearing? Do you see what I am seeing? The quivering fear of that cancerous entity, the final rasping breaths of those Zionists, and the breaking up of their allies?


"When Tel Aviv is razed to that ground, 'never to humiliation!' we will shout."


Speaker: "We are for the complete liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea, and we make no distinction between Gaza or the West Bank or the lands of '48.


"The Zionists can admit that there is no two-state solution. Why can't some of us? What's left? Peaceful protests? Again, we have some people who want to remain acceptable in the mainstream. They want to look like moderates. They are afraid of being labeled as extremists, so they dissociate themselves from the noble, the honorable, the brave armed Palestinian resistance.


"The only solution for our brothers and sisters in Palestine is armed resistance — and we support that, and we are with that, in our hearts and in our entire beings."

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