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Mar 03, 2024
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Dearborn, Michigan Interfaith Prayer Vigil In Honor Of U.S. Serviceman Aaron Bushnell Who Self-Immolated In Front Of Israeli Embassy: This 'Pure Martyr' Expressed His Opposition To The 'Hitlers Of The 21st Century'

#10929 | 02:50
Source: Online Platforms - ""Iraqis in Michigan – America" on Facebook"

On March 3, 2024, an interfaith prayer vigil was held in honor of Aaron Bushnell, a U.S. serviceman who self-immolated in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C., near the Henry Ford library in Dearborn, Michigan. Imam Sheikh Ali Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, MI said that when Bushnell lit himself on fire, he "sent a mighty message to the entire world." He added that he performed an "amazing self-sacrifice" that expressed his opposition to the "Hitlers of the 21st century," the "Hitlers" of Hell and the Holocaust. Elahi said: "You are a pure martyr in this country." He continued to say that one day there will be statues of Bushnell in the streets and squares of a "free Palestine." Michigan Imam Mustapha Elturk, the "Ameer" of the Islamic Organization of North America (IONA) located in Warren, MI, said that the adversaries of the Palestinians are not just the foes, but the adversaries of all humanity.

The event was streamed live on the Facebook page of Iraqis in Michigan – America. It was organized by the Intercultural Community Center in Dearborn (ICCD), the Dearborn Area Interfaith Network (DAIN) and the local chapter of Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA).

Mustapha Elturk: "May the sacrifice of Aaron Bushnell on behalf of the Palestinians and all people of conscience pierce the hearts of the callous, the heartless, guiding them to recognize the shared humanity that unites us all. [Oh Allah,] empower the Palestinians with Your formidable strength, to overcome and triumph over their adversaries – who are not just their foes, but the adversaries of all humanity."


Ali Elahi: "Bushnell is a martyr, a great hero. He sacrificed his soul to save the lives of Palestinians.

"He expressed his opposition to the Hitlers of the 21st century, Hitlers of hatred, hell, and holocaust.


"When Bushnell lit himself on fire, he sent a mighty message to the entire world. His words became the breaking news of the globe.


"Brother Bushnell, God bless your soul, you are a pure martyr in this country. You did an amazing self-sacrifice, God bless your commitment.


"There will be a day when your statue will be raised in the streets and squares of a free Palestine. There is going to be a day when you will be honored for what you did."

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