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Dec 10, 2021
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Davit Babayan, Foreign Minister of the Republic Of Artsakh: Turkey’s Behavior Is Like 1930s Germany; Erdoğan Considers Hitler A Role Model

#9236 | 01:41
Source: Asharq TV (Saudi Arabia)

Davit Babayan, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Artsakh, said in a December 10, 2021 show on Asharq TV (Saudi Arabia) that Turkey’s behavior is similar to that of Germany in the 1930s. He explained that Turkey has the same ambitions, the same expansionist plans, and the same pattern of nationalism. Babayan added that Turkish President Erdoğan praises Hitler and views him as an exemplary political figure.

Davit Babayan: "Turkey's behavior is very much like the behavior of Germany in the 1930s. The same ambitions, the same expansionist plans, the same neglect of the international order, and the same pattern of nationalism. Very, very similar. Erdoğan himself praises Hitler, and everyone knows this. He said that he sees Hitler as his favorite and exemplary political figure. Can you imagine anyone worshipping Hitler? This is probably also one of the reasons why the civilized international community had such a critical position towards Turkey. Unfortunately, this matter was confined to the world of politics, due to its great importance, but that is what we have."

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