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Oct 13, 2013
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Damascus Bombings Interrupt Live Report on Syria Terror

#4009 | 02:15
Source: The Internet

Following is an excerpt from a news report with commentator Hussam Shoe'ib from Damascus, which aired on Al-Etejah TV (via the Internet) on October 13, 2013.

Hussam Shoe'ib: It is not just Syria that is being targeted today. It is the entire resistance axis, as is evident by the daily bombings in Iraq, which are carried out by Salafist, Wahhabi, Takfiri terrorist organizations.

These are the same organizations that carry out the bombings in Syria. These organizations are supported by countries in the region, especially Turkey and Saudi Arabia…

An explosion is heard in the background

Anchor from the studio: We pray that Allah keeps you safe, Mr. Shoe'ib.

Hussam Shoe'ib: I am okay.

Anchor: Thank God.

Hussam Shoe'ib: I am steadfast. Do you hear me?

Anchor: Yes, I'm with you, Mr. Shoe'ib.

Hussam Shoe'ib: Yes, I am here, live on air… Go ahead and ask your question…

A loud explosion is heard and seen near where the commentator is standing

Anchor: Yes… Yes… I hope you and all the Syrians are safe, Mr. Shoe'ib. We pray that Allah keeps you safe.

Hussam Shoe'ib takes off his earphones and leaves the site


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