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Jun 21, 2024
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Culver City, California Friday Sermon By Imam Ahson Syed: Pride Month Celebrates What Is Shameful; As Muslims, We Want Nothing To Do With The LGBT Lifestyle Of Disgust, Evil, Deviance, And Immorality; We Never Asked For Support From The 'Alphabet Mafia' – It Harms Us And Our Image; We Will Never Give You Our Support, Leave Us And Our Children Alone!

#11203 | 02:53
Source: Online Platforms - "King Fahad Mosque on YouTube"

In his June 21, 2024 Friday sermon at the King Fahad Mosque in Culver City, California, imam Ahson Syed discussed Pride Month, saying that this is when the "modern People of Lot" show how proud they are to live an "immoral lifestyle." He added that this is a lifestyle of disgust, evil, deviance, and immorality. Syed said that Muslims cannot have any association with this "type of disgusting people." He denounced Muslim "figureheads" who have allied with this "alphabet mafia," and he said: "We never asked for their support. We don't want their support." Syed continued: "We just want them to leave us and our children alone." It is worth mentioning that both the FBI and Culver City Police Department have attended Ramadan Iftar events at the King Fahad Mosque. Imam Ahson Syed is the imam and director of religious affairs at King Fahad Mosque in Culver City, CA, and the sermon was streamed live on the mosque's YouTube.

Ahson Syed: "Why was the wife of Lot punished even though she herself was not committing the act of immorality that the people of the city [Sodom] were committing? The reason why she was punished alongside them was because she supported them. She supported their 'rights,' she allied with them.


"There is a very important lesson for us here, in modern times. We, as Muslims, of course we know that the lifestyle that these people live is a lifestyle of disgust, evil, deviance, and immorality, and we cannot support those who live this type of a lifestyle. We cannot support their 'rights,' ally with them, or be friends with them. We cannot have any type of association with these type of disgusting people.


"Now, we are currently in the month of June, a month that the modern-day People of Lot have designated as what they call Pride Month. What does that mean? It means they show their pride... They show how proud they are to live an immoral lifestyle. You know, it is something to be ashamed of, but rather they are proud of it and they flaunt it openly.


"One of the main problems today, sadly, is that many Muslim figureheads have allied with people from this community, and they make compromises with this alphabet mafia. Some justify it by saying: 'Look, they always support us when Muslims are going through some type of a hardship, you see this community supporting our rights, so we have to support them, tit for tat.'

"Allah forbid! We never asked for their support. We don't want their support. The support of these types of people harms us, it harms our image. We don't want your support, we don't need your support, and we will never give you our support.


"We will never support them, and we will never support their lifestyle, and we want them to just leave us and our children alone. So much damage has been done by the alliances that these so-called Muslim organizations have made with these people. So much damage that has already been done. When a young impressionable Muslim sees a so-called Muslim politician participating in a Pride parade, what do you think that does to the mind of an impressionable young Muslim child?"

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