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Sep 20, 2019
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Cuban Ambassador to Iran Alexis Bandrich Vega on Whether Cuba Needs Iranian Weapon Systems: We Would Fight the Americans Face-to-Face, Defeat Them

#7507 | 01:33
Source: Channel 5/Tehran TV (Iran)

In a September 20, 2019 interview on Channel 5 TV (Iran), Cuban Ambassador to Iran Alexis Bandrich Vega was asked if Cuba is interested in having missiles and drones like the ones that Iran possesses and produces. Ambassador Vega responded that Cuba has a defense system called "all-people-war" that mobilizes all of the Cuban people to participate in defending Cuba. He said that Cuba has missiles and drones that can withstand attacks from air and sea, including missiles launched from the United States, and he said that millions of Cubans know how to use weapons and camera-equipped missiles. Ambassador Vega added that a U.S. attack on Cuba would be met with face-to-face resistance that would cause the Americans to leave.

Following are excerpts:


Interviewer: Mr. Ambassador, is Cuba interested in having the kinds of weapons Iran has and builds, like missiles and military drones?

Alexis Bandrich Vega: Cuba has a defense system called “all-people-war.” When the time comes, the Cubans themselves will participate in the defense. We would not face the United States with only our military force, but I should mention that we do have a small constant reserve army. It is the people themselves who begin to work through mobilization.




Naturally, Cuba has missiles as well as drones. Our defense system can withstand attacks from the air and the sea, as well as missiles fired directly from U.S. soil. If they decide to go for a serious attack, life will become extremely complicated for them. Millions of Cubans know how to use weapons or camera-equipped missiles. As I’ve said, we would take actions that will lead them to leave Cuba on their own accord. Obviously, we would not fight the war with planes or ships. We would fight it face to face, and we know we will be victorious.

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