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May 16, 2017
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Copenhagen Imam Mundhir Abdallah: We Will Obliterate Israel; Terror Attacks in the West Carried Out by Troubled, Desperate Victims of Western Atrocities

#6033 | 07:28
Source: Online Platforms - "Imam Mundhir Abdallah on YouTube"

Copenhagen Imam Mundhir Abdallah addressed an “open political meeting” at the Al-Farouq Mosque on May 16, and accused the United States, and the West in general, of committing atrocities in Muslim countries, thus planting the seed for the terror attacks carried in the West. Imam Abdallah rejected criticism leveled at him following a recent antisemitic Friday sermon (see MEMRI TV clip https://www.memri.org/tv/copenhagen-friday-sermon-antisemitic-hadith-caliphate), and insisted that as soon as Muslims regain power, they would “erase” and “obliterate” Israel and all the U.S. bases in the region. He said that Westerners are like “machines,” living in a culture of AIDS, drugs, homosexuality, and colonialist control of wealth. Imam Abdallah posted the address on his personal YouTube account.


Mundhir Abdallah: It is no secret that Islam and the Muslims today are subject to the most ferocious Crusader campaign. The West today is leading an all-out war against Islam and the Muslims.




[The U.S.] sponsors that criminal [Al-Assad], who perpetrates ignominious atrocities of historic proportions against humanity, and then along comes Trump, talking about fighting Islamic terrorism. What Islamic terrorism?! What Islamic terrorism?! You are talking about several desperate individuals and groups, which have taken root in the barbaric environment you yourselves created in Iraq. America created a barbaric environment. It is America that planted the seed of sectarianism and civil war, and is striving for the partitioning of Iraq. It is America that has torn Iraqi society to pieces.




Here in the West - in Europe, in America, and elsewhere - the campaign against the Muslims is no less ferocious and brazen. It reveals the ugly face of the West. I am not talking about the simple people in Denmark, Britain, or America. These simple people are victims of the capitalist system. They have been ground to dust and enslaved by the capitalist system.


The capitalist system has flooded them with notions of freedom, which led them to decay, disintegration, the deification of the individual, and the tyranny of materialistic values, and have transformed them into machines. Even if a man works 10 hours a day, he cannot provide for his family. The wife also needs to go out to work, and the children are thrown into daycare. They spend much more time with the kindergarten teacher than with their mother. No warm relations develop, and the family is torn apart. The focus is on the individual at the expense of social relations. Thus, a sick person grows up and is in constant need of mental help. He grows up to become an unbalanced individual.




In this country too, the Muslims are subject to incessant attacks. The media has been treating Islam in a negative way for decades, presenting Islam as a religion of terrorism, killing, crime, and violence. Their despicable media conceals the big truth - that the Muslims are the victims of the West and its colonialism. The West has been torturing them for over 200 years, committing atrocities against them.




Their media conceals these atrocities, but when a troubled person - a mental wreck whose family was slaughtered by the knives of U.S. collaborator Bashar, or by the knives of sectarian U.S. collaborators in the Popular Mobilization Units... When such a slaughtered person, a mentally troubled victim of their crimes, carries out a troubled, desperate attack in France or somewhere else... That worthless attack does not tip the balance in any way. It is not an [apt] retaliation for the aggression and does not support the Islamic nation. On the contrary, it is used to [further] slaughter Islam and the Muslims. Nevertheless, the media puts a spotlight on it, presenting all the Muslims as insensitive and immoral terrorists, even though they are victims.




In light of this conflict, when they come here and muzzle us, and hold us accountable for a word we uttered... They carry out atrocities, massacres, and violations in our countries, invade them left, right, and center, and support the plundering Israeli entity, which perpetrates atrocities, kills the people of Palestine, and tortures its sons and daughters... But when we utter a single word of criticism against the plundering entity of the Jews, or against the Western colonialist policy in our countries, or when we criticize their despicable culture - the culture of AIDS, drugs, homosexuality, family disintegration, and colonialist control over 90% of the country's wealth - they resort to ruthless violence through the lying despicable media...


This happened to me following my Friday sermon about the state of Israel, and the need to erase it. This is a fact about which there is no doubt or hesitation. We will erase the state of Israel. The state of Israel is nothing more than a Western arrow, a Western military base. The state of Israel was founded in a moment of Muslim weakness, disintegration, and defeat. Thus, it is only natural, intuitive, historically-logical, and in line with the Muslim faith and political logic, that as soon as the Muslims regain power, liberate themselves from the Western collaborators, establish their state, resume their march, and brandish the banner of the Prophet Muhammad... As soon as the Islamic nation is united - from East to West, from Indonesia all the way to Morocco... Even before the Caliphate reaches Indonesia and Morocco, the state of Israel will be obliterated. How can that alien state possibly remain? It will not continue to exist.


The American bases in Qatar, the UAE, the Sinai, and elsewhere will be erased and eliminated. They will become booty for the Muslims. This is only natural and intuitive. Will Incirlik Air Base remain intact? Incirlik Air Base is just like the plundering Israeli entity.




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