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Aug 06, 2022
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Copenhagen Imam Mundhir Abdhallah, Formerly Indicted For Hate Speech After Calling To Kill Jews: The Islamic Nation Has A Duty To Liberate Palestine Through Jihad; Islamic Powers Must Use Their Tanks, Planes, Armies

#9745 | 01:33
Source: The Internet - "Mundhir Abdallah on YouTube"

Copenhagen Imam Mundhir Abdhallah, who is affiliated with Hizb ut-Tahrir and who in 2018 was found guilty of hate speech following a sermon translated by MEMRI in which he called for the murder of Jews (see Special Dispatch No. 8561), said in video he posted to his YouTube account on August 6, 2022 video that the Islamic nation has the "duty" of liberating Palestine through Jihad. He explained that this duty is incumbent upon those who have armies, planes, tanks, and missiles, and not upon individuals. He also said that when these "powers that be" fail to use these means to wage Jihad and liberate Palestine, then it is a failure of the entire Islamic nation, which he said should pressure them to do so. For more about Mundhir Abdallah, see MEMRI Special Announcement No. 641 and MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 9678, 9394, 9134, 7407, 6689, and 6013.

Mundhir Abdhallah: "The [Islamic] nation has a duty to liberate Palestine by means of Jihad. The Jihad required by Islam is not the kind waged by individuals or groups. Rather, it is an organized Jihad waged by the [Islamic nation], by means of those who wield power — the armies and military forces.

"This is the Jihad that constitutes a duty upon [Islamic] nation. It directly pertains to those who wield power, and have planes, tanks, armies, missiles, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers. They have a direct obligation to act in order to liberate the lands of the Muslims, to support the Muslims, and to fend off any aggression.

"When the powers that be refrain from taking any action and neglect their duty, they do not bear the guilt all alone. It applies to the entire nation, because the nation has a duty to hold them accountable, and to pressure them to act.

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