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Jun 07, 2024
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Connecticut Friday Sermon By Sheikh Dr. Ali Ahmed: 'The LGBT [Movement Has] The Most Intolerant, Aggressive, And Criminal Agenda There Is Today; What Was Considered Abhorrent, Dirty, And Evil Is Now Considered Pure And Good'; Politicians Are Funded By The LGBT Mafia; The Left Condemns Islamic Female Circumcision, Yet Promotes Disfigurement Through Gender-Affirming Surgery

#11176 | 03:21
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Center of Connecticut on YouTube"

Sheikh Dr. Ali Ahmed said in a Friday, June 7, 2024 sermon at the Islamic Center of Connecticut that Muslims should address LGBT subjects from a position of superiority, authority, and confidence, and not from a position of inferiority, because their values are 100% pure and given by Allah. He criticized Muslim parents who assume cartoons are harmless and allow their children to watch them unmonitored, asserting that the cartoons indoctrinate children with pro-LGBT values, and he commented that the LGBT agenda is the most "intolerant, aggressive, and criminal agenda there is today." He also said that the liberal left promotes gender-affirming surgery – which he described as disfigurement and mutilation – while condemning Islam for its well-established practice of female circumcision. The sermon was livestreamed on the Islamic Center of Connecticut's YouTube channel.

Sheikh Dr. Ali Ahmed: "The subject [of LGBT] cannot be addressed from an apologetic or inferiority position. We believe we are right 100% and our values and morals are absolutely pure, and 100 % true, because it comes from Allah. Why then are we not addressing it from a position of authority and superiority and with confidence?

"If this subject is not addressed properly, then it will affect the future of the Muslim communities here in America, as maybe not 50 years from now we may not have a community, because there will be no families or children to form a community.

"Unfortunately, some Muslim parents consider cartoon to just be harmless animation. They see some animated characters moving and dancing around in an animated background, and they think: 'Well, it's just cartoons.' How can a mere cartoon divert my kids from the straight path? How can a cartoon turn my children against Islam. And so they leave their kids unmonitored, left alone to consume countless hours of such content.

"Then their kids come to us and say: 'Why does Islam discriminate against these people? Love is Love!' One of the children in a community that I serve said to me: 'It is not a fair God that he will prohibit two people who love each other from marrying one another.' How did our kids come to this point?

"The LGBT is the most intolerant, aggressive, and criminal agenda there is today. What was considered abhorrent, dirty, and evil, is now considered pure, good, something to celebrate and be 'pride about'.  That's why they have dedicated a whole month – the month of June – to be so called 'Pride Month.' To criticize it you become an evil person.

"You have the liberal left accusing Islam and Muslims of female circumcision which is an established sunnah if it is done correctly. They used to – and still do – call it genital mutilation to defame it and they have forced Muslim countries that have practiced it for centuries to ban it and even criminalize it. Now they are doing far worse to children, under the guise of so-called gender affirming surgery. It is not gender affirming surgery, it is gender disfigurement and mutilation. There was a bill in Washington that would have allowed medical transgender intervention on minors without their parents' consent. These politicians [are] funded and backed by the LGBT mafia."

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