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May 08, 2022
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Commemoration Ceremony At Site Of 1999 Accidental NATO Bombing Of Chinese Embassy In Belgrade: NATO Must Take Responsibility For Its Aggression

#9553 | 02:06
Source: Online Platforms - "New China on YouTube"

On May 8, 2022, a report about a previous-day commemoration ceremony in Belgrade at the site of the 1999 accidental NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy, during which three Chinese journalists were killed, was uploaded to the New China TV YouTube channel. Attendants are seen placing wreaths at the memorial and paying their respects. Serbian Minister of Interior Affairs Alexsandar Vulin praised the Chinese journalists for laying down their lives and said that Serbia will never stop demanding that NATO take responsibility for this crime. Tian Yishua, the charge d'affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Serbia, said that the blood and tears that have been shed since the bombing have "accumulated" into a joint longing for global peace, law, and justice. Retired Serbian colonel Svetozar Parezanin said that he will never forget the day of the bombing, that he attends the memorial ceremony every year to show respect to the "brotherly" Chinese people, and that it is very difficult to cope with the losses incurred by the U.S. and NATO "aggression."

Narrator: "A commemoration was held on Saturday in Belgrade to remember three Chinese journalists killed in the NATO bombing of the former Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999. Representatives of Serbia and China commemorated the Chinese martyrs and condemned NATO's 'barbaric act.'"

Aleksandar Vulin, Serbian Minister of Interior Affairs: "Chinese citizens who laid down their lives here, didn't even need to be here, but they chose to do so, in order to share the most difficult and saddest moments with us. Serbia will never stop asking for responsibility for crimes conducted by NATO during their aggression."

Tian Yishu, Charge D'affairs of the Chinese Embassy in Serbia: "Over the past 23 years our blood and tears have accumulated into a joint longing towards global peace, law, and justice."

Svetozar Parezanin, retired Serbian colonel: "We remember that day very well, and we will never forget it. We come here every year, to show our feelings of respect towards brotherly Chinese people. We came here to show our sincere respect towards our Chinese brothers, which were killed in the bombing by the aggressor. It is very difficult for us to deal with losses caused by aggressors — the U.S. and NATO."

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