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Apr 26, 2024
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Colorado Imam Karim Abuzaid: Zionism Is The Most Disgusting Idol, Created By Protestants In The 17th Century In Order To Stop The Muslims From Uniting; Israel Was Inserted In The Region By The West, Which Then Surrounded It By Arab Dictatorships; Antisemitism Did Not Exist In Arab Lands; LGBT Ideology Is Another Idol Imposed Upon Us

#11205 | 03:04
Source: Online Platforms - "Digital Minbar on YouTube"

Colorado Imam Karim Abuzaid said in an April 26, 2024 sermon that LGBT ideology and Zionism are the "idols" of modern times. He said that Zionism was created in the 17th century by the Protestants in order to get Jews to accept Jesus by convincing them that they are the Chosen People and that the only way for the Messiah to come is for them to return to their "chosen land." He said that in addition to this, the Europeans did not like the Jews living among them, and he elaborated that the West established Israel and the dictatorships in the surrounding Arab countries in order to control the Middle East and prevent Muslims from uniting. The sermon was posted on the Digital Mimbar on YouTube.

Abuzaid: "There is a new idol called 'the ideology of Lot' – LGBT... A new idol. These are idols. They are imposing it upon you. Now we have to serve that idol... It is so fascinating when you see that laws are being structured and inserted into our lives in order to glorify and magnify these idols. And they use terminologies... One of the most devastating idols, which is disgusting, is the idol of Zionism.


"The idol of Zionism, brothers and sisters in Islam, was created and fashioned in the 17th century, towards the end of it, by a Christian denomination called the Protestants.


"[They] wanted to bring Jews to believe in Christ, to believe in Jesus. So they developed a formula. This formula is: 'You are the Chosen People, and there is a chosen land, and the only way for the Messiah to come back is you have to return there. You have to go there.' That's how the whole thing started.


"And what complemented this [is that] Europe doesn't like Jews living... And I mean it... They accuse us of [being] antisemitic... You know, who burned them in the ovens? It was Europeans! When Jews were living in Egypt, in Iraq, in Morocco... They owned businesses. They were completely free. All the [literary] works of antisemitism, all of it is translated. There is no original Arabic literature on it. They translated it to Arabic because it did not exist. So they did not like them there in Europe, in their backyard.


"They know they have to control this part of the world. And I'm talking about the Western world. Because if they pull out of these lands, then the Muslims will come back together... When they inserted Israel there, when they inserted the embodiment of Zionism there, they had to create these dictatorships around them."

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