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Nov 23, 2015
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Cleric Sa'd Al-Ateeq Warns Saudis Travelling to the West of the Promiscuity of Modern Girls

#5364 | 02:26

Saudi cleric Sa’d Al-Ateeq warned young Arab men who travel to the West of the promiscuous ways of Western women. He told a story of a Saudi man who defied his mother when she refused to allow him to travel to the West, and almost fell into a trap set by a Western woman. His comments were made on the Saudi Ahwaz TV on November 23, 2015.


Sa'd Al-Ateeq: "I say to our young men: If you go to the West, and a beautiful woman comes to you... Let me tell you a story that I have heard from a reliable source. A young Saudi wanted to travel to the West, but his mother said: 'No. I want you to get married first.' When he asked why, she said: 'I want to protect you (from temptation). At home, I don't even let you look at the servant, even though she's older than me, because I want to protect you. So how could we possibly send you to a country where they do not care about modesty and do not uphold moral values?' The guy said: 'You're afraid of the girls? I promise not to look at them. That's it. I'm going.' Some young men are disrespectful of their parents, even if they kiss their hands and feet. Nagging a mother until she makes a decision against her better judgment is tantamount to showing disrespect. So the guy went to the West. He was with a group of people when a girl came up to him. He didn't want to take a walk with her, but alas, she showed up on his doorstep. She knocked on his door – and she was a beauty, mind you – but he said to her: 'I'm not doing those haram things.' 'Why not?' she asked. 'It's for free.' 'Not even for free,' he said."



Host: "She gave him the special offer..."



Sa'd Al-Ateeq: "It was an invitation to depravity. All the guys who fell for this depravity had said: I can take care of myself. The truth is that you take care of Satan. We want to protect you from Satan. So our guy said: 'No!' He remembered his mother, and he came up with a ploy to get rid of this girl. He said to the girl: 'I cannot fornicate with you, because I have AIDS.' But she said: 'No worries! You've got AIDS? I got AIDS long before you, and I've been through all the Arab nincompoops here already.'"



Host: "God have mercy!"



Sa'd Al-Ateeq: "He said: 'I grabbed my head, and thanked God that my colleagues were not around. I packed my suitcases, and... to the airport I went!'"






Sa'd Al-Ateeq: "I say to our young men, may Allah protect them: If someone told you that you could have this beautiful girl, but whispered in your ear: 'She has a little AIDS' – would you fear Allah or the AIDS? Some guys fear the AIDS!"



Host: "Or else they fear the AIDS, but say that it is for the sake of Allah."


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