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Mar 17, 2020
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On China's Official Arabic-Language TV: COVID-19 Does Not Appear to Have Originated in China; Evidence Suggests It Came from the United States

#7936 | 05:44
Source: CGTN Network (China)

Chinese vlogger "Ms. V" said in an episode of "China View" that was published by CGTN Arabic TV (China) on March 17, 2020 that the presence of multiple coronavirus strains in the United States, the coincidence between the initial coronavirus outbreak and the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan in which the U.S. participated, the possibility that the U.S. may have had many coronavirus deaths that have been documented as influenza deaths, and the CDC's shut down of former U.S. biological weapons research lab Fort Detrick suggest that COVID-19 originated in the United States, and not in China.


Ms. V: "Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in China some followers have asked me, do you believe a story that the new coronavirus is made by the USA? And every time my answer was: No. I can't believe it unless there is evidence to prove that. Now there may be some new facts indicating a new interpretation of the source of the new coronavirus. This is Ms. V, welcome to China view.


"Initially, many thought that the beginning of the virus' emergence was from one of the seafood markets in Wuhan, but Chinese researchers reported in a new research that the transmission of the new coronavirus had started since last December outside this market, and the virus may have transmitted from a source or other sources to the seafood market, where the rapid spread of transmission began due to the presence of a large number of close contacts within this place, and the research also reported that the virus had started spreading after the Wuhan International Military Games ended in October 2019. So, it is expected that the 'patient zero' in China has come from outside China.


"The Asahi Corporation of Japan published a report in the past days indicating the possibility of new cases of coronavirus in the United States among deaths caused by influenza infection and the US government recently recognized this possibility.


"This news has caused a widespread debate on social media about the possibility of the virus being transmitted to China from abroad during the period of the Military Olympic Games in Wuhan, which was attended by 109 countries, including the United States. Then, a Taiwan virologist also put forward the same hypothesis and based his theory on the premise that it makes sense to expect a country with the most strains of the virus to be the source of the original virus, because the virus would not be born by itself.


"This scientific expression is relatively difficult to understand. To clarify the meaning to you in a simpler way: if we consider viruses as one family, the first generation that passed from bats is the serious virus. The new virus developed to be group A and group B, and the group B developed group C, and the group C developed group D and E. The viruses currently in China are all from the group C, but the viruses in the United States are from all give groups. We can say that what we found from all the viruses in China were children or grandchildren, no grandparents. So it is clear that the virus in China was transmitted from abroad. By deciphering the viral genome in Iran and Italy, we found that it is different from the nature of the virus hat was discovered in China, and this also indicates that its source is not from China.


"The outbreak may be earlier than expected. In September 2019 some Japanese were infected with the new coronavirus after returning from Hawaii, though they had not visited China before. This happened two months before the beginning of the outbreak in China. Shortly after the CDC suddenly and completely shut down the facilities, after claiming that the Fort Detrick Biological Weapons Laboratory had failed to fully prevent the loss of pathogens. Now the data related to this lab has disappeared on the internet.


"The virologist reported that he had carefully researched these cases as well as his Japanese colleague, and they got the same conclusion. It is expected that the new coronavirus has started outbreaks in the United States for a while, and its symptoms were like the symptoms of other diseases, so it was easy to hide the truth.


"Of course, we cannot be 100% sure about the validity of this analysis, because the United States has not yet announced a possible number of new cases of coronavirus from deaths thought to have been caused by influenza. In fact, there is still no definitive conclusion about the source of the epidemic in the scientific community so far. As the new coronavirus spreads around the world, we are looking forward to an answer from some governments, and their facing the public with greater transparency.


"I'm Ms. V, follow me, wish you all the best, bye."

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