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Jul 01, 2022
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Chinese Summer Camps For Kids Provide Military Training: "National Defense Education Starts With The Children"

#9835 | 04:46
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Chinese Media Outlets"

In summer 2022, various Chinese media outlets shared promotional videos from the "War Wolves Special Training Camp" and the Huangpu Military Academy's "Special Training Summer Camp," which are Chinese summer camps that provide military training for children and youth. The children receive training in wilderness survival, martial arts, drone operations, military formations, and "counter-terrorism simulation operations."

Video captioning: "New recruits entering the camp [learn]: How to quickly adapt to unfamiliar environments; How to quickly integrate into the activities; How to quickly adjust your mentality; This is how we do it! Washing Clothes Spinning, spinning...


"Wise and Brave Juvenile War Wolves Special Training Camp Report to the Camp."

Child: "My dream is to join the army. I hope to get military training early."

Father: "Mainly I want my kid to get some training, because the kid is too spoiled at home."

Mother: "I just want them to be trained and be independent."

Child 2: "Cultivate my own ability to survive independently."

Video captioning: "Wise and Brave Juvenile War Wolves Special Training Camp Opening Ceremony."

Children chanting: "I joined voluntarily China's Wise and Brave Juvenile... War Wolves Special Training Camp."

Video caption: "If the young people are strong, the country is strong... Daily training... Inheriting and passing on the red gene... Inheriting the excellent tradition... National defense education starts with the children... Devil training... Showing the true color of a soldier... Passing on the soul of a vanguard... Outdoor live CS... Drone classroom... Radio Principles... Water rockets... Fire safety... Go-Karting... Survival skills in the wild... National defense knowledge... Appreciation education... Wise and Brave Juvenile War Wolves Special Training Camp Closing ceremony... Formation movement... Military boxing... 'The Kneeling Lamb'... Counter-terrorism simulation operation... East Wise and Brave Juvenile War Wolves Special Training Camp..."

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