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Jan 14, 2024
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Chinese Social Media Influencer 'Big Wild Cat' On Chinese FM's Recent Visit To Egypt: Comparing Taiwan And The Palestinians Is An Attempt To Pave The Way For A China-Led World Order; China Could Ultimately Establish A Military Base Near Israel's Borders, Secure Domination Of Middle East Oil Economy

#10870 | 05:21
Source: Online Platforms - ""Big Wild Cat" on youtube"

On January 14, 2024, Chinese social media influencer "Big Wild Cat" shared on his YouTube channel a video in which he suggested that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's recent visit to Egypt was an attempt to cast the United States as a global troublemaker with the goal of paving the way for a new China-led world order. Big Wild Cat pointed out that Wang had drawn a parallel between the Taiwan issue and the Palestinian issue, arguing that this was an attempt to justify China's efforts to forge a new global order. In addition, Big Wild Cat mockingly referred to Israel as America's "family jewels," suggesting that China could establish a military base near Israel's border after a two-state solution is reached. Moreover, he said that China could take control of industrial standards in the Middle East and secure a dominant position in the region's oil economy.

Big Wild Cat: "Wang Yi visits Egypt, sets the tone for post-war order, uses the Taiwan card to hammer at the United States and Israel.


"On January 14, 2024, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the CPC Central Committee and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Egypt, a BRICS member country, and met with the President and Foreign Minister of Egypt respectively.


"What is Wang Yi doing now? Wang Yi's goal this time is to support Egypt, express solidarity with Palestine, and stabilize Europe. This is his goal. However, he has to have a premise, which is to argue that the U.S. has violated the post-war order, and this is very interesting. This time, Wang Yi's visit to Egypt reflects the essence of diplomacy by a major power. Each step is meticulously planned and connected, and it is very impressive.

"What's the story behind it? Firstly, it's about using the post-war order to deter the United States and its related allies. How can you prove that the United States has violated the post-war order? If the United States hasn't violated the post-war order, then you would appear very inappropriate by trying to create a new order. First, you have to demonstrate that the U.S. has indeed violated the post-war order.

"What does that mean? It means that if you disrupt the post-war order, I can then change the so-called post-war order because this post-war order is also unfair to me. So what can be done? Taiwan is a very useful tool."


"What is China? China is a superpower, a prominent world power. China can set its own standards, and China can create its own system. So, what do I [China] do now? I [China] need to use the Palestine-Israel issue to create this system. You played the Taiwan card first, but the Taiwan card is just a bluff. Where is the real thing? It's in Palestine and Israel. This sets the tone because the United States violated the post-war order, so now it should be punished. How should the United States by punished? Punish America where it hurts the most. I mentioned before, what is Israel to the United States?


"Israel is like the United States' 'family jewels.' Is this logic clear now? What does China want to do? They are proposing a two-state solution with the whole world, a two-state solution involving two sovereign nations. Palestine becomes a sovereign country next to Israel, and then allows the People's Republic of China to station troops and establish military bases near Israel's borders. Just think about what this means. 'The intention of the drunkard lies not in the wine.' Just when you thought it was about Taiwan, it turns out to be about Israel. This issue is really quite significant.


"We now see Wang Yi discussing the Red Sea crisis. What is Wang Yi's purpose in talking about the Red Sea crisis and trying to resolve it? The purpose is to isolate the United States in the Middle East. Why does China want to isolate the United States in the Middle East? Because China wants to seize control of the future industry standards in the Middle East. The Petroleum RMB and the New Energy RMB are the key factors here.

"So, when Wang Yi talks about the Red Sea crisis this time, he mentioned the reason. What is the reason? It's the spillover of the Palestine-Israel conflict, the U.S. and UK attacks on the Houthi revels without United Nations authorization. What does that mean? It means your actions are illegal; you are disrupting the post-war order, undermining the United Nations' order, and damaging the United Nations' authority. Will China authorize it? Definitely not. China won't authorize it, then you can't fight. If you still want to fight, what are you disrupting? You are disrupting the order of the United Nations.


"What does China need to do? To prove that the United States is the one violating the post-war order. China subsequently establishes a new order, which is great power competition. What is important? Tawain, this small shabby island, can be taken back sooner or later, but what is the key point? I [China] want to seize the world's order, that's it.

"What do you need to prove about the U.S now? The United States is a troublemaker. Once you prove that the U.S is a troublemaker, what do you do next? Change the order of the United States. If they don't change, you create your own order, it's as simple as that. This is the game of great powers.

"What did Wang Yi talk about next? He talked about the Palestine-Israel situation. He said that the Palestinian issue has been delayed for seventy-six years, and the Taiwan issues has been delayed for over seventy years. You see, it's cut from the same cloth. This historical injustice cannot continue. The motherland must be reunified. Do you see this resonance, do you see it?


"Look at this process, using the Taiwan card to argue that the U.S. is violating the post-war order, using the violation of the post-war order to link the Palestinian-Israel issue, using the moral authority of the United Nations to constrain the United States, using the violation of the United Nations Charter to isolate the U.S. in the Middle East, supporting Egypt to stabilize Europe, obtaining Middle East industrial oil RMB through the two-state solution, and finally building China's own global order. Where is the entry point? It's Taiwan. What has the Taiwan card become? It has become a tool."

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