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Dec 11, 2021
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Chinese TV Show Host Deer Wang Sings About America Imposing 'Ameri-cracy' On The World, Ignoring The Culture, Desires Of Countries It Bombs

#9235 | 03:43
Source: Online Platforms - "New China TV"

On December 11, 2021, New China TV/XinhuaNet (China) posted a video featuring Chinese TV show host Deer Wang. In the video, Wang sang and explained that America is imposing its brand of democracy, which she called "Ameri-cracy," on the countries of the world. She said that America has "bombed its way to peace and democracy" without considering the cultures, desires, and souls of the countries it was bombing, like Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Wang accused America of ignoring its domestic issues, such as its high number of COVID-19 cases and deaths, the silencing of people's opinions, the Capitol Hill riots, and the gerrymandering that skews election results. The video also showed animated characters, including a camel, a goat, a cow, and a leopard, representing the various regions in the world to which America spread its influence. The show was produced by Xinhua Global Service, which owns the New China TV YouTube channel.

Deer Wang: "Appearances can be deceiving. Over 200 years of fighting wars, a peace-loving nation is what you see. With the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths, a champion of the COVID-19 Resilience Ranking is what you see. Muffling voices at home and abroad, an authoritative media is what you see. Imposing its own values on other countries, a guardian of democracy is what you see. American democracy? Or Ameri-cracy?! They've got a say in it. When did you first try the American democracy?"

Cow: "When America launched a full-scale war in Vietnam in 1964."

Leopard: "When it went to war in Afghanistan in 2001."

Goat: "When it went to war in Iraq in 2003."

Camel: "When its 'Greater Middle East Initiative' led to the Arab Spring in 2010, causing chaos throughout the region."

Deer Wang: "You mean to tell me America bombed its way to peace and democracy?"

Cow: "Democracy? I prefer the word... What's that again?"

Deer Wang: "Ameri-cracy."

Cow: "Yeah, Ameri-cracy!!! All we wanted was independence during the Vietnam War. Yet, the Americans installed a puppet regime in South Vietnam, and killed our civilians with impunity."

Leopard: "And its election system was driving us crazy!"

Deer Wang: "What was the problem?"

Leopard: "It ignored our ethnic groups, religions, and tribes. Look what it achieved over the past two decades! And what about their Capitol Hill riots? Pushing a system onto other countries when it can't even improve the lives of their own people?"

Deer Wang: "Well... how's it working in Iraq?"

Goat: "You tell me!!! Iraq is a country with thousands of years of sectarian and ethnic differences, and geographical complexity. The U.S. system is only 200 years old. Why are they lecturing us?"

Deer Wang: "So, how do we tell whether a country is literally promoting democracy or not?"

Camel: "First, is ıt exclusive? Like 'I'm the sole and only right answer.' Different counties have different problems, U.S. system is not a cure-all. Second, are there multiple options? If the U.S. is dictating how other countries should be governed, how can we call it democracy?"

All: "It's Ameri-cracy!!! Use democracy as a cloak, Ameri-cracy rules the world. If any country said no, you would bash it as your foe. Democracy of our own, reflects our culture, will, and soul. If your system can cure all, why did it cause so many woes? Inside of the country money talks. All policies submit to the Corp. Disinformation, Gerrymandering skew election results. Democracy of our own, reflects our culture, will, and soul. If your system can cure all, why did it cause so many woes? Trillions of dollars burned on wars; yet, lack money for the sick and poor. Play human rights cop across the world; yet, backyard you ignore. Democracy of our own, reflects our culture, will and soul. If your system can cure all, why did it cause so many woes? Eight billion people across the globe, you pick a word to fool the world. The time your show is blown apart, it's scoffed at as a joke. Democracy of our own, reflects our culture, will and soul. If your system can cure all, why did it cause so many woes?"

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