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Sep 02, 2022
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Chinese TV Report About Houthi Military Parade Showcasing Drones, Mines, Anti-Ship Missiles

#9799 | 01:12
Source: Online Platforms - "CCTV Video News Agency YouTube channel"

On September 2, 2022, China's CCTV Video News Agency posted to its YouTube channel a report about a Houthi military parade held on the previous day in Hodeidah, Yemen. The report said that the parade showcased drones, mines, and anti-ship missiles, and that it was attended by 25,000 Houthi fighters from various branches. The report also said that this was the largest military parade held by the Houthis since the beginning of the ceasefire between the Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition, and it said that the United Nations mission that had brokered the ceasefire has said that it is "deeply concerned" about the parade.

Captions: "Yemen's Houthi rebel group displayed land-based anti-ship missiles, drones and mines at a military parade on Sept 1 in Hodeidah. About 25,000 soldiers of the army, navy and air forces participated in the parade, the largest one held by the Houthis since a ceasefire brokered by the UN came into force in early April. The UN mission deployed to oversee the deal between the Yemeni government and the Houthi rebels on a cessation of hostiles and the mutual redeployment of forces in Hodeidah said it was 'deeply concerned by the military parade that took place in Hodeida.'"

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