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Mar 19, 2022
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Chinese Propaganda Videos Accuse U.S. Of Hypocrisy, Profiteering In Ukraine Crisis: If The West Wants To Help Ukraine, It Should Close Its Bio Labs, Stop NATO Expansion

#9452 | 01:41
Source: Online Platforms - "The Global Times (China) on YouTube"

On March 19, 2022, the China Daily YouTube channel published a short video featuring anti-U.S. cartoons with English-language captions that accused the United States of hypocrisy for blaming China for leaking COVID-19 while having bio labs in Ukraine, for blaming China for using hackers while attacking others in cyberspace, and for selling weapons while claiming to defend peace. The video also accused the U.S. of profiting from people's suffering and of spreading lies to manipulate public opinion. A similar video from March 26 mocked the U.S. and the West for "resorting" to sanctions against Russia, and accused it of having provoked the Ukraine crisis with its "Cold War mentality." The video accused the U.S. of playing Ukraine against Russia and U.S. arms dealers of profiting from the conflict and other conflicts. It said that America's lies about human rights cannot cheat anybody any more, and that if it wants to help Ukraine, the West should close its bio labs in Ukraine and stop NATO's eastward expansion.

Narrator: "The Ukraine crisis has unveiled the US bio-labs in that country to the world. How could one imagine that they researched on how to transmit bat viruses to humans? They claimed China 'leaked' the novel coronavirus, but they have been doing the research on such viruses. While running its bio labs worldwide, the US has also been fabricating lies in the global public opinion fields. They said China has hackers, but actually it is the US attacking others in cyberspace. They sell weapons to the world, and claim to be defending peace.

"For every dollar they earn worldwide, there are people suffering. Time for US politicians to correct their wrongdoings. The less trouble they create for the world, the better. As the Ukraine crisis continues, the US-led West is once again resorting to sanctions. That's ridiculous. They provoked the crisis with their Cold War mentality. They are the ones that are playing Ukraine against Russia for their own benefits.

"Even before the military conflict, they spread rumors to encourage it; after the military conflict broke out, it is their arms dealers that have benefited the most. Not only in Ukraine, but in every battlefield they sell weapons. Their 'human rights' lies cannot cheat anybody any more. If the US and the West as a whole mean to help Ukraine, they should close their bio-labs there first, and stop NATO's expansion eastward so as to keep peace."

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