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Jul 07, 2020
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Chinese Academic Prof. Wang Yiwei On Official Chinese TV In Arabic: America Is Opposing The Progress Of Humanity; The WHO Must Enjoy Higher Stature, U.N. Must Be A Center Of The World Order

#8137 | 02:54
Source: CGTN Network (China)

Professor Wang Yiwei, the Director of the Center for International Studies at Renmin University in Beijing, China, said in a July 7, 2020 interview on CGTN Arabic (China) that the U.S. is trying to control other countries and to get them to cut themselves off from China even though they prefer to remain neutral. He said that a "globalization of Man" is taking place and that the WHO must enjoy higher global stature, which he said American withdrawal is preventing. In addition, Professor Wang Yiwei said that the United Nations is at the center of the world order and that despite American efforts to weaken this order, it is being supported by China and some European and Arab countries. He argued that America is opposing the progress of humanity, but there is no reason to fear it and that the international system needs to be made more open and tolerant. He also predicted that things will change after the U.S. Presidential election.

Professor Wang Yiwei: "The U.S. is trying to call upon its allies – and some new allies – to cut themselves off from China, but it will not succeed in this, because the other countries prefer to remain neutral. They do not want to cut themselves off from China.


"The globalization of the past revolved around money, but the current globalization is what we call 'the Globalization of Man.' It requires us to improve our capability to control health. For example, the World Health Organization must enjoy a higher stature that would match its importance. Currently, it lacks money, manpower, a unified budget, and an international system to deal with emergencies. The American withdrawal from the WHO made this more difficult.


"Efforts must be invested in increasing the influence and qualification of the WHO, as well as in bolstering the world order, the center of which is the United Nations. The U.S. is currently trying to weaken the world order, but it is supported by China, the European countries, and other countries, like the Arab countries. It represents the progress of humanity. As for America, which opposes the direction in which the world is going – it will undoubtedly fail.


"There is no reason for us to fear the American hostility, because pulling out of the old system and building an exclusive one is impossible. Globalization is inevitable. There isn't a country in the world that wants to be cut off from China. America is trying to control other countries with its strategy. This reflects America's disrespect towards others. These attempts are not in keeping with the progress of the world. Therefore, China must be confident and fear no one. Building an alternative system is extremely expensive, and it would destroy the current system and the current framework. China has repeatedly said that the [international] system needs to be reformed. It should be more open and more tolerant. Pulling out of the international organizations and trying to build an alternative system is unwarranted. I believe that these American efforts are nothing but a political game that will not continue. Furthermore, things will change after the U.S. elections, regardless of the results."

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