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Nov 29, 2020
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Prof. Li Ling, Head Of China's National Health Development Research Center: The West Is Arrogant, Immersed In The Illusions Of Capitalism And Democratic Politics

#8517 | 01:15
Source: The Internet

Beijing University Professor Li Ling, the Director of China’s National Health Development Research Center, spoke on November 29, 2020 at an event called “2020: Answers – Year End Show.” Professor Ling said that China’s “integration” of philosophy and technology, and its combination of socialist “production relations” with information technology, has filled China with vitality and propelled it to the early stages of an “intelligentized society.” She said that the West’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been “jaw-droppingly awful,” and that the West is arrogant, prejudiced, and stuck in its old ways just like China’s Qing Dynasty had been. Professor Ling also said that today China is the one holding the guns and cannons, while the West is holding spears and knives and is still immersed in the “illusory world” of capitalism and democratic politics.

Li Ling: "So the integration of philosophy and technology, in my personal opinion, has propelled our China to the early stages of an 'inteligentized' society. The match of advanced socialist production relations with advanced information technology productivity has made our China full of vitality and dynamics, a new type of strong power that is still developing.

"In contrast, the West's response to the pandemic has been jaw-droppingly awful. But personally, I think it's inevitable, because they are now standing in the position of our late Qing Dynasty. They are arrogant, full of prejudice, and stuck to their old way. They are still in the post-industrial era of traditional capitalism, so they have switched places with China, a position China found itself in when facing the world and Western countries 100 years ago.

"Today, we are the ones who have the guns and the cannons, and they are the ones holding the spears and knives. They are still immersed in the illusory world of hollow market economics and democratic politics."

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