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Jun 01, 2021
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Chinese President Xi Jinping Directs Chinese Communist Party's Propaganda Efforts To 'Create A Trustworthy, Lovable, And Respectable Image Of China'

#8990 | 07:33
Source: Online Platforms - "CCTV on YouTube"

On May 31, 2021, the Political Bureau of the CPC (the Communist Party of China) Central Committee held a collective study session on strengthening China's external propaganda efforts. Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the need to "create a favorable external public opinion environment for China's development," and called for strengthened propaganda to "help people abroad realize that the CPC is truly striving for the happiness of the Chinese people and understand why Marxism works, why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good." Xi also directed CPC party organizations at all levels to increase financial input into "building of international communication capacity."  A report about the study session was posted on the official YouTube channel of CCTV (China) on June 1, 2021.

Narrator: "The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held the 30th collective study session on strengthening China's international communication capacity in the afternoon of May 31. While presiding over the study, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, stressed that telling China's story well, spreading China's voice well, and showcasing a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China are important tasks for strengthening China's international communication capacity.

"We should deeply understand the importance and necessity of strengthening and improving the international communication under the new situation, make great efforts to strengthen international communication capacity, from an international discourse that matches our comprehensive national power and international status, create a favorable external public opinion environment for China's reform, development and stability, and make positive contributions to promoting the building of a community of common destiny for all mankind. Prof. Zhang Weiwei from Fudan University gave a lecture on this issue and put forward some suggestions. Comrades of the Central Politburo listened carefully to his lecture and held discussions.

"Xi Jinping delivered a speech while presiding over the study. He pointed out that our Party has always attached great importance to external communication work. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, we have vigorously promoted international communication, adhered to the principles of righteousness and innovation, straightened out the systems of internal and external propaganda, built media clusters with international influence, actively promoted Chinese culture to global, effectively carried out international public opinion guidance and struggle, initially constructed a multi-agent and three-dimensional framework of great external propaganda.

"China's international discourse and influence have increased significantly, but at the same time they also face new situations and tasks. We must strengthen the top-level design and research planning, build a strategic communication system with distinctive Chinese characteristics, and focus on improving the influence of international communications, the appeal of Chinese culture, the affinity of China's image, the persuasive power of Chinese discourse, and the guiding power of international public opinion.

"Xi Jinping pointed out that we should accelerate the construction of Chinese discourse and a Chinese narrative system, utilize Chinese theory to explain Chinese practice, use Chinese practice to sublimate Chinese theory, create new concepts, categories and expressions that blend with China and abroad, and more fully and distinctly present China's stories and the ideological and spiritual power behind them. We should strengthen the propaganda and interpretation of the CPC, help people abroad realize that the CPC is truly striving for the happiness of the Chinese people, and understand why the CPC works, why Marxism works, and why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good, and conduct in-depth studies around the Chinese spirit, Chinese values, and Chinese power, and from various perspectives, such as political, economic, cultural, social and ecological civilization, so as to provide theoretical support for international communication network.

"We need to do a better job promoting Chinese culture overseas. We need to cultivate righteousness, broadcast our voice, and educate people through culture, explain and introduce to the world a more excellent culture with Chinese characteristics, one that embodies Chinese spirit and wisdom. It is important to keep the tine right, and to be open and confidant, but also humble and modest, and to create a trustworthy, lovable and respectable image of China.

"Xi Jinping stressed the need to widely publicize China's ideas, Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions. As China moves closer to the center of the world stage, it has the ability and responsibility to play a greater role in global affairs and make a greater contribution to solving the problems of all mankind together with other countries. It's important to hold high the banner of building a community with a shared future for mankind, and based on the vivid experience of China's development and the Chinese civilization of more than 5,000 years, comprehensively expound on China's outlook on development, civilization, security, human rights, ecology, international order and global governance.

"We should advocate multilateralism, oppose unilateralism and hegemonism, and guide the international community to jointly shape a more just and equitable new international order and build a new type of international relations. We should be good at using lively and moving examples to show that China's development itself is the biggest contribution to the world and has contributed wisdom to solving the problems of mankind.

"Xi Jinping called for deepening all forms of cultural exchanges and promoting cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and other countries through a variety of channels. We need to make innovations in our systems and mechanisms, and translate our institutional, organizational and human resources advantages into communication advantages. We should give better play to the role of high-level experts and make their voices heard through platforms and channels such as major international conferences and forums and mainstream foreign media. All regions and departments should give full play to their respective characteristics and advantages to carry out their work and present a colorful and vivid image of China.

"Xi Jinping stressed the need to comprehensively improve the effectiveness of international communication, build and strengthen a contingent of professionals to meet the needs of international communication in the new era. It's necessary to strengthen the theoretical research of international communication, master the rules of international communication, construct the foreign discourse system, and improve the art of communication. We should adopt accurate communication methods close to different regions, countries and audience groups, promote the global expression, regional expression and demassified expression of Chinese stories and voices, and enhance the affinity and timeliness of international communication. We should make more friends, unite and win over the majority, and constantly expand the circle of 'China hands' and 'friends of China' in international public opinion. We should pay attention to the tactics and art of public opinion struggle, and enhance the ability to speak out to the outside world on major issues.

"Xi Jinping stressed that Party committees and organizations at all levels should incorporate the building of international communication capacity into their ideological work responsibility system, strengthen organization leadership, increase financial input, help push forward practical work and solve specific difficulties. Leading cadres at all levels should take the initiative in the work of international communication, and the chief comrades in charge should not only lead the effort personally, but also do it themselves.

"We should strengthen training of leading cadres in international communication, give play to the role of Party organization at all levels, and create a good atmosphere for consciously safeguarding the dignity and image of the Party and the country. Party schools and administrative colleges at all levels should take the cultivation of international communication ability as an important course, and should strengthen the construction of university disciplines and the training of serve talents, and improve the level of international communication theory and research."

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