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Apr 22, 2022
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Chinese PLA Navy Aircraft Carrier And Naval Aviation Forces Propaganda Film: We Are Sharpening The Sword

#9571 | 06:38
Source: The Internet - "China News Service YouTube channel"

On April 22, 2022, a Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy propaganda video titled "Deep Blue, Deep Blue" about its aircraft carrier and naval aviation forces was uploaded to the China News Service YouTube channel. The video showcases the comradery and dedication of the aircraft carrier and naval aviation crews, and it emphasizes China’s determination to have a strong ocean fleet that can strike far beyond China’s maritime borders. It is noteworthy that at the end of the video, a mother calls her naval pilot son and urges him to have another baby, in what may be a reference to China's recent revision of its long-standing one-child policy.

Wang Yong: "My name is Wang Yong, carrier-based fighter jet pilot. My battle station is between the ocean and sky.

"You have less than two hours to prepare.

"We're called the 'knife-edge dancers'. Even though the take-offs and landings are very dangerous, it's just the beginning. To attack is our mission.

Pilot: "C1 position taking off"

Operator: "You may take off"

Wang Yong: "The Aircraft wing never fights alone. Every fighter jet is a comrade-in-arms worthy of trust."

Pilot 1: "Flank attack on two targets. I fired one missile."

Pilot 2: "I fired two missiles"

Pilot 1: "Roger that. Fire Mission One complete, request air-refueling."

Speaker: "Refueling plane in predetermined area standing-by."

Wang Yong: "Flying above the ocean, the "Deep Blue" has already become a familiar sight. Ten years of sharpening the sword. We're on standby. Always ready."

Commander: "Reporting to formation commander, mission accomplished."

Ciu Rongde: "I'm Cui Rongde. The carrier of Liaoning has been enlisted for ten years. I've been here for ten years too. My battle station is in a deep cabin over twenty meters below the deck. This is where the heart of the aircraft carrier is. We are like cardiovascular doctors, making sure the heart of the aircraft carrier is healthy at all times. Just sometimes the fighter jets roar and the aircraft carrier trembles. It makes us want to go up and check it out."

Team: "Cheng Zhaoxuan, Wang Tao, happy Birthday!

Wang Tao: "I just want to go up to the flight deck and see the J-15 taking-off and landing on my birthday."

Ciu Rongde: "Following the arrangement by the ship, we will observe the J-15 taking odd and landing on the deck once. During my ten years of service, this is the 4th time that I went up to the deck to watch the aircrafts taking off and landing. It is their first time. This is what it means to be working in the deep calm."

Remila Dabul: "I am Remila Dabul, a Kazak girl from Xinijang. From the Tian Shan mountains to the ocean, the aircraft carrier deck is my ultimate aspiration. As a chocks and chains crew member, I have to carry this tether chain which is almost as heavy as I am."

Commander: "You can't hook this chain. Try harder."

Remila Dabul: "Even during the big storms, the fighter jets would be firmly chained to the deck. Day after day, the blue sky and the ocean are my unwavering faith."

Chen Jian: "I am Chen Jian. My battle station is at the aircraft carrier formation command post. We are of the brain center of the aircraft carrier formation. We connect a range of submarines, fighter jets and ships within hundreds of nautical miles, and build a network, forming a fist, win battles beyond the line-of-sight. And reach as far as the stars and oceans can see.

Worker: "Intelligence report. Direction 090. Distance 900 kilometers. Unknown aerial target approaching.

Chen Jian: "Deep Blue is the eternal direction of the aircraft carrier formation. It is also the innate spirit of the People's Navy. During my ten years of service on the aircraft carrier, my biggest takeaway is that we were able to successfully complete the delivery of the aircraft carrier.

Wang Yong: "From a pilot's point of view, I witnessed the development of carrier-based aircrafts from non-existence. [I] tasted both the joy of success and the sorrow of setbacks.

Remila Dabul: "Ten years ago, I was still a high school student. Later, it was an honor for me to become a member of our female aircraft carrier crew.

Chen Jian: "The decade we have marched through is also the decade of strengthening our military. Because we were the first aircraft carrier force, we were the pioneers of naval transformation and construction. Behind us, there [is] our great motherland, our strong military and people."

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