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May 24, 2024
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Chinese News Outlet Airs Elaborate Animation Depicting Military Strikes Against Taiwan: We Have The Ability To Achieve Air, Sea, And Information Superiority, Cripple The Taiwan Independence Movement

#11136 | 02:01
Source: CCTV (China)

On May 25, 2024, CCTV Video News Agency (China) aired a report featuring 3D animations of the PLA's "Joint Sword 2024A" military exercise around Taiwan, which was held three days after Taiwan's new president, Lai Ching-te (William Lai), was sworn into office and delivered his inaugural address. In the report, Chinese National Defense University expert Zhang Chi provided explanations over animations of missiles striking Taiwan, stating that China has the ability to launch a "joint strike on the political center of 'Taiwan independence'," including ports and airports, with the goal of achieving air, maritime, and information superiority in Taiwan.

News Reporter: "In the 'Joint-Sword-2024A' exercise mentioned earlier, there was a key subject called 'Joint Seizure of Comprehensive Battlefield Control.' How should we understand this subject, and what are its key points? Let's listen to the analysis of Zhang Chi from the National Defense University."

Zhang Chi: "In this exercise, the 'Joint Seizure of Comprehensive Battlefield Control' is summarized to mainly embody three aspects, reflecting three capabilities of our People's Liberation Army [PLA]. The first capability is the ability to precisely strike key targets of 'Taiwan independence.' The Eastern Theater Command relies on a strong support system, including a series of elements such as reconnaissance and early warning, and information support. We organized naval and air forces to simulate a joint strike on the political center of 'Taiwan independence.'

"This is a strong response and deterrence to the Lai Ching-te authorities advocating two-state theory and continuing the 'Taiwan independence' path.

The second capability is the ability to break through the system of the Taiwan military. In this exercise, the Eastern Theater Command simulated joint strike on key targets of 'Taiwan independence,' such as ports and airports, effectively deterring the illusion of seeking independence through force of the 'Taiwan independence' forces.

"The third capability is the ability to control battlefield dominance. In this exercise, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force, and some new quality and new domain combat forces of the PLA can be said to be united as a whole and closely coordinated, strongly boosting some of our actions to seize air superiority, maritime superiority, and information superiority, demonstrating the powerful capability of the PLA's system optimization and joint victory."

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