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Feb 20, 2023
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Against Backdrop Of Taiwan Tensions, Chinese PLA Naval Commandos Train In Clandestine Surface Infiltration Using Personal Propulsion Devices

#10145 | 00:45
Source: Online Platforms - "China Daily on Twitter"

On February 21, 2023, China Daily tweeted a video showing PLA naval commando operators training in surface infiltration using silent personal water propulsion devices in an exercise that took place on the Western Yunnan Plateau. According to Su Tianqi, the deputy team leader of the Diving Training Team of an unspecified Special Forces brigade belonging to the PLA's 75th Army Group, the unit’s new capabilities significantly extend their operational range.

Onscreen text: "Special Forces operators perform surface infiltration. Personal water propulsion device: Easy to carry, simple to operate, silent in action."

Su Tianqi, Deputy Team Leader of Diving Training Team: "By familiarizing themselves with various types of aquatic combat equipment, the frogmen have extended their operational area, making long-distance infiltration possible."

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