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May 26, 2022
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Chinese Ministry Of National Defense Spokesman: Taiwan Is Part Of China — There Is No Median Line In The Taiwan Strait

#9608 | 00:38
Source: The Internet - "CCTV Video News Agency YouTube channel "

Wu Qian, the spokesman of China's Ministry of National Defense, said in an address that was posted on the CCTV Video News Agency YouTube channel on May 26, 2022 that Taiwan is part of China, that there is no "median line" in the Taiwan Strait, and that the PLA's military exercises are meant to target Taiwan "secessionist activities."


Wu Qian: "Taiwan is part of China. Where on earth is there the so-called median line of the Taiwan strait? The Chinese People's Liberation Army [PLA] shoulders the sacred mission of safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The relevant war training activities are entirely necessary actions targeting the Taiwan secessionist activities and interference by external forces."

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