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Oct 12, 2023
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Chinese Pundit: China Cannot Condemn Hamas And Support Israel So Long As Israel Recognizes Taiwan, Criticizes Chinese Treatment Of Uyghurs; Dismisses Concern For Chinese-Israeli 'Mixed-Race Girl' Taken Hostage By Hamas

#10559 | 04:22
Source: Online Platforms - "Guancha on KuaiShou"

On October 12, 2023, the Chinese nationalist media group Guancha shared a video on the Chinese Kuaishou social media platform, in which a presenter openly criticized Israeli embassies and foreign affairs agencies for trying to "muddy the waters of public opinion" by pressuring China into siding with Israel and condemning Hamas. He said that Israel cannot expect China to side with it against Hamas, while it sent a Knesset delegation to Taiwan, recognized it "as a nation," and criticized China's policies towards the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. He said that in contrast, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas supported China's policy in Xinjiang. He continued to say that there is no reason for Chinese people to sympathize with Chinese-Israeli Noa Argamani, whom he referred to as a "mixed-race girl," who has been taken hostage by Hamas, because she is a member of the Israeli military, according to her social media. He similarly claimed that one should not sympathize with the victims at the Supernova peace festival, because it was held in an area that he claimed is "legally Palestinian territory."

Presenter:< "Israel still wants to drag China into the fray, enough is enough. Ever since Hamas launched the 'Operation Al-Aqsa Flood' against Israel, the Israeli foreign affairs propaganda machine to China has been in full swing. They started to forget China from various angles, as if they wanted to drag the Chinese government and the public into the fray and muddy the waters of public opinion. But these tactics aren't effective, and it's not fair to ask the Chinese people to emotionally stand with Israel.

"Why isn't it fair? Because the recent actions of the Israeli government haven't respected the feelings of the Chinese people. From August 3 to 8 of this year, a cross-party group of Israeli parliamentarians visited Taiwan. The head of the delegation, Yorai Lahav-Hertzanu, thanked 'Taiwan independence' element Joseph Wu Jaushieh for his warm hospitality and expressed deep honor. Hertzanu referred to Taiwan as a 'nation', claiming that it shared 'national interests' and 'universal values' with Israel. As of October 8, Israel's foreign office in Taiwan was still flattering Tsai Ing-wen, addressing her as the so-called 'president'.

"With this attitude from Israel's foreign affairs institutions, why not continue seeking sympathy from 'Taiwan independence' elements? Why even engage in the Simplified Chinese Internet community? So, some of you in Israel are hurting the feelings of the Chinese people on one hand, and on the other hand, you ask the Chinese people to emotionally support Israel. Don't you find this schizophrenic?

"Not only on the Taiwan issue, but also on the Xinjiang issue, Israel has failed to respect China. They routinely receive terrorists from the East Turkestan movement from all over the world, display flags symbolizing violence and terror, and use media to promote them. The Jerusalem Post even openly introduced them to the so-called 'advanced Israeli experience'.

"In July 2022, Israel followed the West in signing a declaration criticizing China on the Xinjiang issue.

"However, on the topic of Xinjiang, Mahmoud Abbas, the president of Palestine who visited China in June this year, expressed support for China's policies. So, it's clear who is parroting the West's anti-China rhetoric and hurting the feelings of the Chinese people, and who acknowledges and supports our position.

"We, the Chinese side, do not distort right from wrong on the issue of Palestine and Israel like some countries do, nor do we tolerate the numerous offensive actions by the Israeli government and its civilians. This tolerance does not mean that the feelings of the Chinese people can be taken for granted, and it doesn't' mean that kind-hearted people should be held at gunpoint.

"Our position has always been consistent in standing on the side of peace. We do not advocate or support wars or actions that intensify conflicts. After many years of observation, everyone has fully realized that that the so-called Palestinian-Israeli peace process has been in a long-term stagnation and is unsustainable. Only by returning to the two-state solution and respecting the independence and sovereignty of Palestine can the two nations embark on the path of peaceful development.

"On this basis, it is unacceptable for Israeli foreign affairs agencies to launch a public opinion campaign on Chinese social media platforms, attempting to sway Chinese internet users to stand with Israel. The Israeli Embassy in China has spread news on various social platforms about a so-called 'Chinese-Israeli mixed-race girl, Noa Argamani, being kidnapped by Hamas', but deliberately omitted details about her military background. Her Instagram account contains numerous photos of her in military uniform holding guns. So, is she a civilian or a soldier?

"It's inconsistent to promote the narrative that 'all Israelis are soldiers, with women as capable as men', and then switch to 'a Chinese-Israeli mixed-race civilian being kidnapped' to garner sympathy when convenient. Telling only half the story seems rather deliberate. Moreover, the story where hundreds of people were shot at the music festival was told in a similar fashion. Civilian casualties and kidnappings are undeniably pitiable. But to put it in context, this so-called 'music festival for peace' took place only five kilometers from the Gaza barrier. This area is legally Palestinian territory, but the current situation is that on one side of the Israeli blockade wall, it's like hell on earth. On the other side, tourists from Europe, America, and Israel were singing and dancing, 'praying for peace'. This is a great irony.

"Regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, we should always stand on the side of peace. Those unfortunate civilians affected by the war, whether Palestinian or Jewish, are all worthy of our sympathy. This is the most basic moral principle of being human.

"In recent days, many short videos of the Palestinian-Israeli war have circulated on the Internet. Seeing the video of Israeli soldiers killed by being trapped in the toiled of the barracks, even though I knew that they were all combatants, as a person living in peace, I still felt physiological disgust and discomfort when I saw this bloody scene. But we must recognize that the extremist national policies of Israel right-wingers over the past few decades, combined with manipulation by the U.S., have caused many to lose reverence for life. Often, the lives of the people of Gaza are valued less than the Israeli military dogs. So, in such an environment, it's not hard to understand what can happen over decades.

"In the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, while we sympathize with the people of both sides, we must think about why Gaza has become like this today. Who implemented which policies that led to today's situation? In the public discourse, the rhetoric that whitewashes Israel's extremist national policy and the smoke screens that divert attention afterward only push the peoples of both countries further away from peace."

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