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Apr 20, 2022
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Chinese Journalist Shi Xuefan: Taiwan Cannot Be Compared To Ukraine, It Is An Inseparable Part Of China's Territory; America Is Beating The Drums Of War By Suggesting That A Cross-Strait War – With China As The Villain – Is Inevitable

#9513 | 05:10
Source: Online Platforms - "China Daily on YouTube"

On April 20, 2022, an English-language video was posted to the YouTube channel of the CCP-owned China Daily outlet about Western comparisons of the Ukraine-Russia conflict to the tensions between Taiwan and China. The video began with a rendition of "If You're Happy and You Know It" accusing the U.S. of "spoiling" peace worldwide and of "snickering" as it plays "guardian" in Ukraine and Taiwan. The lyrics said: "For the planet to have tomorrow, please eliminate the sorrow, tell Uncle Sam to go home, tell him now."

China Daily reporter Shi Xuefan then said in the video that both China and Taiwan want peace, but that Western media and the U.S. government are beating the drums of war by implicitly indicating that a cross-strait war in which mainland China will be "the villain" is inevitable. Shi said that the real threat to cross-strait peace is the Biden Administration, and she pointed out that U.S. warships have passed through the Taiwan Strait 12 times over the past year in an act of "political posturing." Shi explained that China's stance is that the Ukraine-Russia conflict cannot be compared to the situation between China and Taiwan because while Russia and Ukraine are two independent countries, Taiwan is an inseparable part of China's territory, making the Taiwan issue a domestic Chinese issue. In addition, she said that it is a double standard for the West to speak up for Ukrainian sovereignty while undermining Chinese sovereignty by talking about Taiwanese independence.

The video also featured an interview with Gau Zhikai, a senior professor from China's Soochow University, who elaborated that the Russia-Ukraine war – in which the U.S. and NATO are urging the Ukrainians to fight "to the last person standing" – is a clear indication that the U.S. and NATO will not risk their own forces for Taiwanese independence. He also said that "peace is the only way out," and that the Chinese government has been choosing peace for decades, on the condition that foreign countries like the U.S. do not "pour fuel on the fire" by calling for Taiwanese independence.

Singer: "Look there is an eagle flying to Ukraine. Look now it is approaching to Taiwan. The eagle is now snickering. Playing as a guardian. Spoiling peace worldwide. It's the US! If you want peace, then you say it now. If you want peace, then you say it now. For the planet to have tomorrow please eliminate the sorrow tell Uncle Sam to go home, tell him now!"

Shi Xuefan: "People across Taiwan Straits both want peace. But the Western media are now linking the conflict in Ukraine with Taiwan. They love highlighting the negative and they love the drumbeats of war.

"So we get headlines such as... The tone is anything but implicit: There will be a cross-Straits war; you can bet your life - and the lives of others - on it. And of course in the Western worldview, who will play the villain? The Chinese mainland. But where exactly does the real threat come from? Clap your hands. Since the Biden administration took office about 15 months ago, senior US officials have paid several visits to Taiwan, and Us warships have transited the Taiwan Straits 12 times last year.

"It means the US military pay a frequent visit to the Taiwan Straits nearly every month, each time coupled with bellicose in-your-face hype. Their lines always be: 'The transit of our warships through international waters is routine.' But please remember, the legality of passage through Taiwan Straits is one thing, using the passage for political posturing is another.

"Some in Taiwan are said to feel intimidated by PLA patrol training flights over the island.

"But what about US warships a stone's throw from the Chinese mainland? Do we have a right to feel threatened? Clap your hands. Peace is what everyone on both sides of the Taiwan Straits truly want. For those banking on the US to promote peace, just look at Ukraine.

"As the US has shown time and again over many years, when it could 'give peace a chance', it always chooses to go to war."

Gao Zhikai: "We have our own eyes. We have our own mind. We look at the situation in Ukraine. We know that the Ukrainian people are now being urged by the United States and NATO to fight till the last person standing, and they are not joining them. They are not shedding their blood for the so-called independence of Ukraine.

"So if war happens across the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, god forbid, do you really think the Americans will fight for Taiwan? Do you think other countries will really send their officers and soldiers to fight for Taiwan? No. People in Taiwan are very clear that looking at Ukraine, the destruction of Ukraine, the loss of human life, and the fleeing of the country by millions of Ukrainian refugees, for example.

"They want to prevent this. They want to see no more war involving the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. Peace is the only way out and peace has been chosen by the Chinese government for all these decades. But on the condition that foreign countries, especially in the United States, do not pour fuel onto the fire, urging for Taiwan independence."

Shi Xuefan: "China's stance on this issue is clear: Taiwan question differs in nature from the Ukraine issue and the two are not comparable at all. The biggest difference lies in the fact that Taiwan is an integral part of China's territory and the Taiwan question is entirely China's internal affairs while the Ukraine issue arose from contention between two countries.

"Speaking up for the principle of sovereignty for Ukraine while undermining China's sovereignty and territorial integrity relating to Taiwan reeks of shameless double standards. So when another US warship sails into the Taiwan Straits, keep this in mind: the ensign it flies will not be one of goodwill and peace but of malice and war, so don't clap your hands."

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