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Mar 08, 2022
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Chinese Journalist Li Gang On Arabic-Language Chinese Network: If Taiwan Fails To Learn From America's Betrayal Of Ukraine And Afghanistan, It Will Become Cannon Fodder For U.S. Policy In The Region

#9416 | 03:03
Source: CGTN Network (China)

Chinese journalist Li Gang said in an Arabic-language view that was posted by CGTN Network (China) on March 8, 2022 that the people of Taiwan must realize they cannot rely on America and the West, and that in case of a war in the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan will become cannon fodder for American interests like Ukraine. He said that the Taiwanese Democratic Progressive Party have lost some faith in the U.S. after they have seen the "defeatist" American withdrawal from Afghanistan and the American response to the Ukraine crisis. Gang said said that Ukraine was used as a trap by the U.S. and NATO to "exhaust" Russia.

In addition, he elaborated that Ukraine and Taiwan are very different, since Ukraine is an independent and sovereign state, while Taiwan is not. He said that additional differences are that "the vast majority" of the countries in the world accept the "One China" principle and that the Taiwanese are ethnically and culturally Chinese. He added that that American actions in support of Taiwan following Russia's invasion of Taiwan are a "blatant interference and despicable provocation." For more about Li Gang, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 9375, 8637, 8395, 8178, 8164, and 8032.

Li Gang: "Taiwan is one thing and Ukraine is another. There are great difference between the two. When comparing the two, one should understand that Ukraine is an independent and sovereign state, but Taiwan is not. The vast majority of the world's countries recognize the 'One China' principle. Taiwan has been a part of China since ancient times. All the citizens on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are Chinese.

"They share the same culture and language and are of the same origin. The same blood flows in their veins. Therefore, the return of Taiwan to the motherland is a historical approach that cannot be challenged. This is completely different from the Russian-Ukrainian developments.

"When it comes to the issue of Taiwan, even though Mainland China declared that it did not promise to refrain from using force, and that it keeps the option of using all the necessary means, the investment of maximal efforts to achieve peaceful unification remains the number-one option.

"In my opinion, the use of force refers to targeting the blatant interference by the U.S. and the forces that support Taiwan's independence. You saw that when Russia attacked Ukraine, the USS Ralph Johnson destroyer crossed the Taiwan Strait, and President Joe Biden sent a delegation of former defense officials to visit Taiwan, in order to support and reassure it.

"This is a blatant interference and despicable provocation. I think that the leaders of the Democratic Progressive Party [in Taiwan] which strives for an illusion of independence, have lost some of its faith in the United States, having seen the defeatist American withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the American slack regarding the Ukraine crisis, especially since the successive U.S. administrations would never promise to send forces to Taiwan, in case a war breaks out in the Taiwan Strait.

"America's betrayal of its allies is nothing new. It is clear that Ukraine was used by the U.S. and NATO as a trap to exhaust Russia. At the moment, the West is trumpeting Ukrainian heroism, but Ukraine has turned into the only battlefield. Instead of the West, it is Ukraine that has suffered terrible losses. This is what Taiwan needs to realize. Otherwise, it will turn into cannon fodder for the U.S. strategy in the Western Pacific."



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