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May 23, 2024
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Prominent Chinese Journalist Hu Xijin: As Taiwanese President Lai Ching Te Was Being Inaugurated, The PLA Carried Out A Drill Surrounding Taiwan – This Is An Unprecedented Warning

#11177 | 02:00
Source: Online Platforms - "Global Times (China)"

Prominent Chinese journalist Hu Xijin, formerly the editor-in-chief of the Chinese Global Times media outlet, said in a May 23, 2024 episode of his show "Hu Says" that was posted on the Global Times YouTube channel that as newly-elected Taiwanese President Lai Ching Te was being inaugurated, China's PLA held the largest military drill it has held in over a year and surrounded Taiwan and its peripheral islands. Hu said that this was an "unprecedented warning" to President Lai, who has expressed his support for Taiwan independence, and he compared the drill to mainland China "seizing" President Lai and putting him in a birdcage. Hu elaborated that if President Lai makes any misjudgments and turns from a "bad bird" into a "poisonous bird," he will face consequences. He added that China can permanently eliminate the Taiwan independence movement by force, but it is showing great goodwill and concern for Taiwan's residents by prioritizing peaceful reunification.

Hu Xijin: "The People's Liberation Army surrounded the island of Taiwan and its peripheral islands on Thursday, carrying out the largest military drills in over a year.

"Lai Ching Te is the first leader of the Taiwan region to be surrounded by the PLA upon taking office as a warning. Lai's inaugural speech was very arrogant, showing his ambition to further promote 'Taiwan Independence.'

"Chinese mainland launched a large scale island encirclement military drill promptly which is an unprecedented warning. Figuratively speaking, his military exercise is akin to the newly appointed Lai authorities making arrogant statement, then the mainland's military directly seizing him and putting him in a birdcage. He must be told the existence of this birdcage, and if the Lai authorities turn from a bard bird to a poisonous bird they will face ultimate consequences.

"Chinese mainland already has the capability to permanently eliminate 'Taiwanese Independence' by force, but we insist on peaceful reunification as a priority which is a great goodwill and concern for the residents on the island. If Lai misjudges this as mainland's weakness, then his 4 year term in office will be very dangerous."

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