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Sep 26, 2022
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Chinese FM Wang Yi At The United Nations: Enduring Peace Can Only Be Achieved If China And Taiwan Are Reunified; Any Attempt To Interfere In Our Domestic Affairs Will Be Crushed By The Wheels Of History

#9860 | 01:27
Source: Online Platforms - "CCTV Video News Agency YouTube channel"

On September 26, 2022, a video was posted to the CCTV Video News Agency of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi speaking at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Wang said that in order to achieve peace, China must resolutely combat Taiwanese "separatists," and he said that enduring peace will only be achieved when Taiwan is completely reunified with China. He also said that any "scheme" to interfere in China's domestic affairs is bound to meet strong opposition and will be "crushed by the wheels of history."

Wang Yi: "When entering into diplomatic relations with China, 181 countries all recognized and accepted that there is but one China in the world and Taiwan is a part of China, and that the government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China. China will continue to endeavor to achieve peaceful reunification with the greatest sincerity and greatest efforts. To realize this goal, we must combat 'Taiwan independence' separatist activities with the firmest resolve and take the most forceful steps to repulse interference by external groups. Only by resolutely forestalling in accordance with the law separatist activities can we forge a true foundation for peaceful reunification. Only when China is completely reunified can there be enduring peace across the Taiwan Strait. Any scheme to interfere in China's internal affairs is bound to meet the strong opposition of all us Chinese, and any move to obstruct China's cause of reunification is bound to be crushed by the wheels of history."

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