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Aug 09, 2020
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Official Chinese Arabic-Language TV Airs Cartoon Mocking Trump's COVID-19 Response

#8201 | 03:48
Source: CGTN Network (China)

On August 9, 2020, CGTN Arabic TV (China) uploaded to its YouTube channel an English-language cartoon with Arabic subtitles mocking U.S. President Donald Trump's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The animation depicts China acting responsibly by locking down while an American official accuses it of violating human rights, and it depicts President Trump deliberately ignoring warnings about COVID-19 by playing golf. When told that the stock market is suffering, President Trump is shown deciding to lie and cheat rather than take responsibility for the coronavirus response, and he subsequently blames and criticizes China, President Obama, the WHO, fake news, the Democrats, Dr. Fauci, and the Cuomo brothers.

China figure: "To fight COVID-19, we will lock down Wuhan.

U.S. figure: "No human rights!"

China: "To fight COVID-19, we will isolate infected patients."

U.S.: "No human rights!"

China: "To fight COVID-19, we will build temporary hospitals."

U.S.: "They're concentration camps. No human rights!"

China: "The virus is no under control in Wuhan. The city can begin to reopen."

U.S.: "It's all about money! No human rights!"

China: "What?"

Narrator: "For a long time, the U.S. government has accused other countries of violating human rights. But are the human rights of Americans being protected?"

Onscreen text: "Several months ago."

President Trump: "Our stock market it very very good. Our unemployment rate is very very low. I am making America great again."

Reporter: "Mr. President, there's a new virus."

Trump: "I understand the virus better than anyone. But, I will let our Vice President lead the epidemic response."

Vice President Pence: "I thought you understood the virus better than me."

Advisor: "The virus is very dangerous."

Trump: "Don't say that, it will affect our stock market."

Onscreen text: "Two months later."

Advisor: "Mr. President, the U.S. now had more confirmed cases and death than anywhere else in the world. And-"

Trump: "We did a very good job."

Advisor: "And our stock market is stumbling."

Trump: "What? Oh my God, we have to do something to save the stock market."

Pence: "Yes, actions should be taken."

Trump: "Should I take responsibility? People are criticizing me.

Mike Pompeo: "How about we lie. We lied, we cheated, we had entire training courses."

Trump: "No one understands lying better than me."

Reporter: "Mr. President, should you take responsibility for your incompetent response to the crisis?"

Trump: "Chinese virus, it's all China's fault."

Reporter: "Mr. President, hundreds of thousands of people have died from the coronavirus in the U.S. You should take responsibility for this."

Trump: "It's the WHO's fault."

Reporter: "Mr. President, isn't it all because of your lack of leadership?"

Trump: "You are fake news."

Businessman: "We are entrepreneurs, we have great healthcare. Reopen America. Freedom!"

Protester: "We're young and healthy! We'd rather die than live without freedom. Freedom!"

Trump: "I strongly agree with you."

African American man: "We don't have enough money to get proper treatment. It's too dangerous to reopen."

Senior citizen: "We are old and vulnerable. Reopening is dangerous."

Trump: "No, our economy is more important."

African American man: "You are killing us."

Trump: "Don't ask me, go ask China."

Advisor: "Mr. President, the U.S. has hit a new record high in daily cases."

Trump: "It's Obama's fault."

Advisor: "Mr. President, the U.S. has hit another new record high in daily cases."

Trump: "The Democrats faults."

Advisor: "Mr. President, the U.S. has hit another new record high in daily cases."

Trump: "Fauci's fault. Cuomo's fault. Cuomo's brother's fault. China's fault. WHO's fault. Tedros' fault. You are all fake news. Anyway, it's not my fault."

Onscreen text: "As of August 7, more than 4,918,927 people in America have been infected, and at least 160,737 people have died."

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