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Mar 07, 2022
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Chinese Anti-U.S. Propaganda Videos: America Is an "Empire of Lies" on the Verge of Collapse

#9530 | 01:23
Source: Online Platforms - "China Daily on YouTube"

On March 7, 2022, the YouTube channel of the CCP-run China Daily outlet published a short video featuring anti-U.S. cartoons with English-language captions that mocked the United States for having a "gun culture" problem, for having modern-day slavery in the form of its prison-industrial complex, for the deepening COVID-19 pandemic, for increased social tensions and racism, and for pushing NATO's eastward "expansion" in Europe. It said that the U.S. has claimed to be a beacon of human rights but in reality, it is just a "rusty" beacon. A similar video from March 13 accused the U.S. of being an "empire of lies" and of "hyping up" the impending collapse of China, even though it is the U.S. that is on the verge of collapse. It said that the American media is only interested in making a profit, that truth is not valued, and that U.S. politicians need to know that their lies and their national credibility will go "bankrupt" in the future. For additional videos of this type, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9452.

Onscreen text: "An arms dealer in the US launched a rifle for children, which shocked the world. A look back at 2021 shows that its gun culture is not just a problem at home, the US launched more interventions outside, with its politicians counting money with arms dealers. In fact it has many bad deeds. Its private prison scandal also shocked everybody.

"Who could imagine that slavery exists today in the US? Who could imagine US government and US prison operators would work hand in hand to make money using prisoners? The deepening COVID-19 pandemic, the deepening social divisions, and the worsening racism, all plague the US.

"So how could US politicians continue boasting about human rights? It has pushed NATO's eastward expansion which pushed Russia and Ukraine into a conflict. The US claimed to be a beacon of human rights, now we know it is nothing but a rusty one.


"As the Ukraine crisis has become world focus, some US politicians make use of it to pass the buck to China, even though they know the cause is NATO's relentless eastward expansion. The US has given up the mask and exposed its true face of 'empire of lies'.

"Eighteen years ago, it attacked Iraq under the excuse of a tube of washing powder. It is busy hyping up a 'China collapse,' while it is the one in danger. To quote Mike Pompeo, it lies, it cheats, it steals. In the US, media outlets are controlled by capital, which only cares about making a profit.

"Anyone trying to tell the truth is maligned. Time for US politicians to know that their fabricated lies will always go bankrupt one day, and their national credit will go bankrupt."

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