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Dec 17, 2022
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Chinese Ambassador To Iran Chang Hua: We Hope To Reunify With Taiwan Through Peaceful Means, But We Will Never Give Up The Military Option; We Will Not Allow Taiwanese Independence; NATO Should Be Dismantled

#10002 | 02:28
Source: Press TV (Iran)

Chinese Ambassador to Iran Chang Hua said in a December 17, 2022 interview on the English-language Press TV (Iran) that the issue of Taiwan is very important to China and that U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, along with other U.S. lawmakers who visited Taiwan, are trying to "interfere in China's internal affairs." Hua stressed that China will not allow Taiwan to be independent, adding that China prefers to use peaceful methods to reunify Taiwan with China, but that it will never "give up" on the "military option." He also said that NATO targets China, is a security threat to many countries, and should be dismantled. Hua spoke in Chinese, with English subtitles provided by Press TV.

Chang Hua: "And you just mentioned the issue of Taiwan. Of course, it is a very significant issue for us. In the middle of this year, we noticed that Mrs. Pelosi, the speaker of the Congress, the House of Representatives of the United States, visited Taiwan. After that, some congressmen and congresswomen of the United States and other western countries also made several trips to Taiwan. What they are trying to do is to interfere in China's internal affairs and I think this is a huge violation of One China Policy and it also hurts the feelings of all Chinese people and hurts our dignity. In his report delivered at the 20th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping announced that we will achieve reunification with the principle of 'One Country, Two Systems.'

"We will not allow Taiwan to be independent and to be separated from China. So, the Taiwan issue is our internal affair and how we achieve unification is also our internal affair.

"When are we going to use the military option? I think that depends. If foreign forces keep interfering in this issue and some Taiwan separatist forces try to make Taiwan independent, I don't think that Chinese people will allow that to happen. So, we surely hope that we can achieve the reunification of the motherland through a peaceful manner but we will never give up the military option.


"I think NATO is actually a product of the cold war and the cold war has ended for more than 30 years and NATO should have been dismantled after the end of the cold war. But we can see that during the last 30 years, NATO has kept expanding to other areas and we can say that the Ukraine crisis is exactly the outcome of the expansion of NATO. During this process, NATO poses a lot of security threats to other countries. So recently, we noticed that NATO is targeting the Asian Pacific areas, it is targeting China. We firmly oppose these actions.


"We never invade other countries. China has a peace-loving nation, however, if other countries pose a threat to our security, Chinese people will not allow that to happen. We have the resolution and capacity to defend our own security.


"I believe that under the strategic relationship of the leaders of the two countries and with our strong resolutions, we will definitely see further development in our relations."

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