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Dec 22, 2020
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China Targets 'Cults' Through Children's Cartoon

#8576 | 02:14
Source: Online Platforms - "Anti-Cult Network"

In recent months, the China Anti-Cult Network has published a sizeable collection of propaganda videos aimed at "combatting cults," including in the form of animated videos for children. The Network falls under the auspices of China's State Council Office for the Prevention and Handling of Cult Issues, which has been responsible for coordinating anti-cult campaigns across multiple government organs for almost two decades.


The video opens with an anti-cult spokesperson narrating the video and explaining that "cult organizations are everywhere in our lives". The six Chinese cults identified in this video include "Falun Gong", the "Church of Almighty God", the "Hua Zang Sect", "Bloody Holy Spirit", "Guanyin Method", and the "Disciple Society."


Throughout the video, the archetypal 'Cultist' figure is represented by the Grim Reaper – complete with scythe – sitting atop a pile of human skulls surrounded by incense burners in an unambiguous attempt to demonize practitioners of "illegal" faiths.


The narrator then analyses the "three steps" that cultists take to lure people into their cults including through: striking up conversation to build rapport, speaking with alarmist language, and using mind control to reap financial gains.


In the final scene, a propaganda posted urges viewers to "advocate science and combat cults."


Narrator Rabbit: "Little Rabbit's Experience of Being Deceived by a Cult. Everyone thinks that cults are far away from us. In fact, cult organizations are everywhere in our lives. They use all kinds of tricks around us to persuade us to participate in cults. Let's take a look at Little Rabbit's experience of being deceived by a cult."


Announcer: "Beware of the danger of cults!"


Rabbit Woman: "Cults? What's going on over there?"


Little Rabbit: "Ah, are there any cults nowadays? Scary... But what is a cult?"


Little Rabbit 2: "It's like the 'Falun Gong' cult. Hasn't it been banned? How is it still there?"


Little Rabbit: "Are there really still cults?"


Narrator Rabbit: "Of course, the Church of Almighty God, the Hua Zang Sect, Bloody Holy Spirit, Guanyin Method, Falun Gong, The Disciple Society etc. are all cults."


Little Rabbit 3: "Uh...There are so many cults."


Little Rabbit: "But why haven't I encountered one before? Could it be that I'm too handsome?"


Narrator Rabbit: "When cult members cross a street, everyone jeers at them. No one calls themself a cult. The sum of their activities is less than before. They don't dare to turn out for activities in the open. They use business income to finance their cult activities and hide in the deep of the night. You are an atheist. Local anti-cult propaganda is good. There is no breeding ground for cults. You've probably encountered them before but didn't realize they were cults. You've been ignoring cult activities on the Internet. Didn't know you were in a cult. The answers are probably not limited to these."


Little Rabbit 3 and 4: "It is simply pervasive! How can I know if I've been 'bewitched'?"


Narrator Rabbit: "Cults are fully aware that bearing the word 'evil' on their head will make it difficult for them to lure people. They usually adopt an innocent appearance. In real life, cult members look no different from ordinary people. Some of them make contact and are very 'friendly'. They use three steps to trick people into joining their cult. Step One: strike up a conversation and make a close connection. Step Two: say frightening things in order to cause alarm and lure through monetary benefits. The third step: employ mind control and take advantage of the opportunity to rake in money. Everyone must be vigilant when encountering these situations. Don't readily believe the bewitchment of others. Establish your own proper outlook on life and values."

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