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Jul 29, 2021
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Chinese Military Conducted Large-Scale Amphibious Assault And Island-Seizure Drill On China's Southeast Coast

#9024 | 03:56
Source: CCTV (China)

Chinese official media recently announced that a large-scale amphibious landing drill was conducted off China's Southeast Coast.  A report about the drill was aired on CCTV (China) and posted on Military Fans World on YouTube on July 25, 2021. The video showed the first battalion of an amphibious heavy synthetic brigade of the PLA 73rd Group Army launching an amphibious attack on "Height 119" despites heavy casualties, supported by strong fire power.  After the successful capture of the height, the video concludes by showing an oath-swearing ceremony by the battalion commander and its soldiers to "defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity" of China. China has elevated the frequency and troop levels in its military exercises targeting Taiwan in recent months.  A top Pentagon official revealed last month that in a simulated war over Taiwan, the U.S. troops lost badly against "Red Team" aggression.

Reporter: "Recently, an amphibious landing drill was conducted off the southeast coast. The 1st battalion of an amphibious heavy synthetic brigade of the 73rd Group Army, as the left-wing land assault group, was tasked with opening the passageway between the sea and land and establishing a landing site. Whether the 1st battalion officers and soldiers can successfully complete the task, let's go to the actual combat drill together, to find the answer."

Chinese soldier 1: "404, this is 401. I have entered the wave formation line. According to the briefing on the enemy from the higher command, there are one 'enemy' squad stronghold and three hidden bunkers at the top of Height 119. You are ordered to quickly deploy the formation wave as planned and be ready to engage the enemy. Execute."

Reporter: "Large-scale amphibious attack formation can be described as 'a mountain of pressure' for battalion commander Chen Song and all officers and soldiers of the battalion. The unpredictable sea conditions, the target area thousands of meters away, and the vehicles swaying with the waves will all make any tiny deviation a cause huge miss. In an effort to make faster progress, the higher command decide to five the 1st Battalion even more fire support. Upon reaching the beachhead, the engineer unit encountered the enemy's last-ditch resistance and suffered serious combat attrition, thus delaying the attacks of the follow-up units."

Chinese Commander: "The flag of our battalion was perfectly planted on the height of our drill ground. We are the shock battalion of the 2nd Jinan regiment. Since the liberation of Jinan in 1948, 23 have fought all the way to southern Fujian. We have stood firm and protected the land under our feet for more than 70 years. This year, we spent six months on the training ground, and not a single person complained. Why? Because we all know that we became soldiers to fight, and our mission and task are to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity."  

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