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Sep 11, 2021
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Chinese Government TV Showcases Foreign Cadets Training In Chinese Military Academies

#9121 | 06:31
Source: CCTV (China)

The Military Channel of China's Central Television recently launched a special TV series called “International Officers' Stories of China." The series showcases foreign cadets being trained in Chinese military academies. In addition, a video posted by Defense News Releases of Daliang Video to Haokan Video on September 11, 2021, follows the training of Zoir, a cadet from Tajikistan in the Shijiazhuang campus of Army Infantry College of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Zoir is shown asking his fellow cadets to join him in singing a hymn praising the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). According to Zoir, foreign cadets from 20 countries, including Tajikistan, Djibouti, and Cameroon, participate in Chinese military academy training.

Host: "There are many foreign military cadets in China's military academies. They have different military uniforms, different nationalities and different languages. They deepen understanding and increase friendship in their studies. From today on, we'll launch a special series of reports called 'International Officers' Stories of China'. Today is Teachers' Day, let's listen to a story about a cadet from Tajikistan, Zoir, and his Chinese instructor."

Soldier: "HEAT, due front. IFV, fire from a short halt, annihilate!"

Zoir: "Yes, that's spot on. We, all these cadets from more than 20 countries such as Tajikistan, Djibouti and Cameron, are conducting tasks with Chinese counterparts."

Soldier: "Ready to fight! Dismount"

Zoir: "I am Zoir. Now, I am at the forefront. It is the first time I have been a commander of battle platoon. I have never thought before I would become a commander of Chinese cadets and conduct missions with them. Because some of them are more experienced than me. However, they need to follow my lead. I think here we are comrades-in-arms, we are all the same and we trust each other. Let me sing a song for you all."

Narrator: "After coming to China, Battle Hymn of the Strong Army is the first military song I can sing and also my favorite Chinese song. We, regardless of nationality and language, become the closest comrades-in-arms, especially with our course commander. I can share some of training and life with him. I have never thought of this before."

Zoir: "I served the army in my country for two years but in my country, officers and soldiers are not so close and their relations are distant. During my first days in China, I feel Chinese officers are alike to those of us who are very serious which made me scared."

Narrator: "I have the impression that officers differ from soldiers but in the first intensive training course after enrollment, to my surprise, Chinese cadets became my instructor."

Zoir: "In my country, cadets are dependent on instructors. Only instructors can give lessons while cadets can't. When I came here, cadets can act as instructors. They make efforts to teach well and instruct other cadets."

Narrator: "Why cadets can be an instructor? What on earth is the Chinese army like? I'm curious about it. I didn't find the answer until a vehicle maintenance."

Unit Course Commander Zhao Guojia: "Zoir came to me and asked me a question. This is the first time he has actively asked me a question. I felt he had bottled it up for a long time. At that time he said in earnest, 'Sir, I thought what you had done was wrong. You are a commander. You should command us, rather than maintaining vehicle together with us.' On hearing this, I smiled. Maybe he was not still familiar with our tradition of unity between officers and soldiers."

Zoir: "Course commander told me: 'Chinese army, led by the Communist Party of China, is the people's army.' In China, officers and soldiers are just different in duty and post. They share happiness and woe, receive training and live together. Course commander is on good terms with me. I love this feeling. With others' help, I have made great progress in my training and become a qualified commander. I also have the privilege to visit and study the centenary of the Communist Party of China. I have a deeper understanding of this people's army.

"During the four years, I used to be puzzled and deep in thought where the power supporting China's advance comes from. In the four-year stay in China gradually, I found my own answer. The basic reason why China is increasingly stronger is the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

"Before graduation, I'd like to share what I see, hear and experience about Chinese army. My instructors and commanders are not only PLA but also CPC members. From them, I find wisdom, courage, tolerance and iron will which make me able to in my life meet any difficulty and crisis. After returning home, I'll share my stories of China with friends to give them the chance to know China. I love China."

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