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Jun 30, 2022
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China Completes Construction Of Zimbabwe's Parliament Building, Built As A "Gift" To The Zimbabwean Government

#9808 | 01:32
Source: Online Platforms - "New China TV on YouTube"

On June 30, 2022, a report was posted to the New China TV YouTube channel about the completion of the construction of a new six-story building for the Zimbabwean parliament. The new parliament building was built by the Chinese government as a "gift" to the Zimbabwean government, and it is located 18 kilometers northwest of the Zimbabwean capital of Harare. The report said that construction began in 2018, and that the architecture fuses traditional Zimbabwean and Chinese characteristics. Cai Libo, the project manager belonging to the Shanghai Construction Group, said that it is a "landmark building" and that it is a demonstration of "solid friendship" between the Chinese and Zimbabwean governments.

Narrator: "Zimbabwe's new parliament building, constructed and fully funded by China as a gift to the southern African country, is now complete and ready for occupation. It took 42 months to complete the project, instead of the original 32-month timeframe due to COVID-19 disruptions. Construction began in November 2018. Sitting on the historical Mt. Hampden Hill, about 18 kilometers northwest of the capital Harare, the six-story building is a fine piece of magnificent architecture that fuses both Zimbabwean and Chinese characteristics."

Project Manager Cai Libo: "This building is a landmark building in Zimbabwe. And this shows solid friendship between China and Zimbabwe. This is a gift from the Chinese government to the Zimbabwean government."

Narrator: "The imposing building has a combined floor space of 33,000 square meters, with two main sections — a six-story office building and a four-story parliament building. The office building and parliament building are connected by three bridges on each floor."

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