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Oct 16, 2015
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Children's Show on Palestinian TV Praises Palestinian Attackers as "Young Heroes"

#5121 | 01:41

In a recent children's show on a Palestinian TV channel, the child host praised the Palestinians who stabbed Israelis as heroes. "We revere the young heroes who have sacrificed their lives for Jerusalem and who carried out all those great heroic acts," she said. The program, titled "Grownup Kids," aired on Al-Kitab TV on October 16, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Child TV host, wearing hijab and keffiyeh : Dear viewers, we want to talk about the number of martyrs in Palestine, compared to the number of dead to Israelis. This is an indication of the violence and tyranny of the Israeli occupation. The occupation kills many of us, who are martyred, but the number of their dead is not high. This points to the violence and tyranny of the occupation. They executed many [Palestinians] in cold blood, and then the occupation claimed that they had stabbed soldiers or settlers. It has become almost like a game. When the settlers see a Palestinian walking down the street, they throw a knife next to him, and claim that he was trying to carry out a stabbing operation.


Glory and eternity to our pure martyrs. We salute their families, and we revere the young heroes who have sacrificed their lives for Jerusalem, and who carried out all those great heroic acts. We love them and kiss their hands, because they are true heroes. We say to all the Palestinian mujahideen: Oh mujahideen, keep your shoes, because the day will come when all the museums of the world will want to exhibit them.


Palestinian teen: The Israelis fight with missile and tanks, but we fight with stones. We are not afraid. They are more afraid than us. They love life.


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