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Sep 15, 2016
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Children Vow to Slaughter Kurds in an ISIS Video Depicting Eid Al-Adha Celebrations in Mosul

#5678 | 03:36
Source: The Internet

An ISIS video posted online on September 15 shows celebrations to mark Eid Al-Adha in Mosul, Iraq. It includes footage of Jihad fighters feasting, of children playing at an amusement park, and of people praying and going about their business in the city. A boy sings songs of martyrdom and Jihad - including lines such as "Oh Peshmerga, we are coming to slaughter you" - with a group of children joining in the chorus and shouting slogans of the Islamic State.


Following are excerpts



Iraqi Child: "Oh black-eyed virgins, we will meet in Paradise. We accept the rule of Allah. We implement the shari'a and the Sunna. Oh our state, our state, the state of honor."






Iraqi Child: "I am sending out the message of a mujahid to all the weaklings who do not join the Jihad: 'Join your brothers and support them. Until when are you going to be so obstinate?' Oh our state, our state, the state of honor. Oh Peshmerga, we are coming to slaughter you - you and all the apostate Shiites."






Iraqi Child: "Say 'Allah Akbar!'"



Crowd of Children: "Allah Akbar!"



Iraqi Child: "The Islamic State..."



Crowd of Children: "...is here to stay!"



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