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Jun 15, 2015
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Children Undergoing Military Training in New ISIS Video: Obama, We Cubs of the Caliphate Will Kill You

#4960 | 08:11
Source: The Internet

A video released by ISIS on June 15, 2015 shows children in the Al-Raqqah province of Syria conducting military training with weapons. The children train with live fire and carry out military drills. One child says that they will kill the "head of unbelief," Obama, and calls to "lead us to martyrdom operations." Another addresses the Crusaders, saying: "We shall crush you by the thousands."

Following are excerpts:

Child #1: Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.

Narrator: When the voice of the caller to Jihad is heard, they hasten toward him, disregarding the length of the road. They follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, on a path dyed with pure blood. They have reached their prime in the shadow of the swords, to joim those who take up the banner from their predecessors, in order to pass it on to Jesus, son of Mary (on Judgment Day).

Masked Child: Praise be to Allah, who supports His soldiers and defeats His enemies. Let me start with a message to the apostate Aran and non-Arab rulers: Allah willing, we shall fight you, and you shall be defeated, like the Byzantines were defeated in the days of the Prophet Muhammad. Allah willing, we will kill the head of unbelief, the dog of the Byzantines, Obama, who mobilized armies against the Islamic State. To the Crusader coalition, I say: Blood will be met with blood, and destruction with destruction. I address my last message to the Emir of the Believers, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi: Lead us to where Allah has instructed you, lead us to martyrdom operations. I advise you, our sheik, not to be lenient towards the enemies of Allah.

Child #2: This is my message to the Crusaders, from the land of Islam to the land of unbelief: We have brought against you men who love death more than you love this world. You imagine that we will meet our end, but no - we shall crush you by the thousands, we shall not let you be, and we shall make an example out of you. Oh Obama and all those who joined the coalition against the Islamic State, we, the cubs of the caliphate, will kill you.


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