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Oct 05, 2007
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Children Show Demonstrates Iranian Perspective of Israel-Palestinian Conflict through a Bird Parable

#1576 | 03:48
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

Following is an excerpt from an Iranian children's show to mark "International Jerusalem Day", which aired on Channel 2, Iranian TV, on October 5, 2007


Host: The children of Palestine love their country. They want to plant grass and flowers in its pure land. They want to sit at home without sorrow or pain. They want their mothers to sing them lullabies and read them stories again. Dear God, help the land of Palestine to witness, once again, sweet days of happiness.

Storyteller: What a story I have to tell. The wings of the bird in our story are broken. In a green blossoming forest, on a branch of a tree, a bird once built a nest – a strong and flourishing nest. For many years, the bird lived in its nest untroubled and carefree. Peacefully and calmly it lived in its nest. The nest was beautiful, a safe haven for the bird. The nest accompanied the bird in times of laughter and tears. One day, when it flew out, another bird calmly settled in its nest, not knowing it belonged to someone else. The migrating bird said:

Migrating bird: How wonderful, what a great nest. This is a nice and warm spot. I will settle in this nest. I am the owner of this nest now. What a nice, beautiful place. I have found this place, and now this nest is mine.

Storyteller: When evening fell, the owner of the nest returned, with weary wings. It saw that a stranger had settled in its nest. It approached the stranger and said politely:

Owner of the nest: Hello there, bird, have you just arrived? Why did you enter my nest without my permission? What you did was wrong – don't you forget that! Every home has its own identifying signs.

Storyteller: The migrating bird flapped its wings, approached the other bird, and screamed at it:

Migrating bird: Let's see who it is that says such things. Come on, go away. You are talking nonsense.

Storyteller: The owner of the nest had no other choice but to use all measures to get its nest back.

Owner of the nest: I will get my nest back by my tooth and claw. I will fight you to the last drop of my blood.

Storyteller: The poor little bird fought with all its might until the uninvited guest flew from the nest. Happiness returned to the heart of this bird, because, ultimately, it was victorious in this war.

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