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Jun 30, 2024
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Chicago Mosque Class For Children: Your Number One Goal In Life Is To Die As A Muslim And Go To Paradise

#11232 | 02:00
Source: Online Platforms - "Karim Abuzaid on YouTube"

Colorado Imam Karim Abuzaid taught a children's class at Chicago's Darul Quran Mosque on June 30, 2024, in which he instilled into the children that their number one goal in life is to die as a Muslim and go to Paradise. He also instructed the boys in the class not to look at the girls while they were delivering their answers. Video of the class was streamed live on Karim Abuzaid's YouTube channel.

Karim Abuzaid: "What would be your number one goal in this life? What do you want to achieve out of this life?


"One goal – what do you want from this life? Okay, we said no collective answers, raise your hand and I'll pick you. I am going to pick the sisters sometimes, but I expect you not to look at the sisters, and if a sister speaks, you are not going to look at her, right? Because you are supposed to lower your gaze, right?


"What is your number one goal in this life?"

Children: "To go to Paradise!"


Abuzaid: "What does it take to get to Paradise? Here is the answer – to die as a..."

Children: "Muslim!"

Abuzaid: "...Muslim.


"Now, I am going to ask the question, and I want you to answer collectively. What does it take to get to Paradise?"

Children: "To die as a Muslim."

Abuzaid: "By Allah, Sheik Faysal, is that people who want to die as Muslims? Come on, say it like you mean it, man. I want to die as a Muslim, man."

Children: "To die as a Muslim!"

Abuzaid: "No, no, no, the second one, I want to die as a Muslim."

Children: "I want to die as a Muslim!"

Abuzaid: "I want to die as a Muslim. I want to die as a Muslim. Why do I want to die as a Muslim? Why? Why? Why? Because I want to go to Paradise. I want to go there and live forever. I want to eat and drink without having to go to the bathroom."

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