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May 04, 2016
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Children Call for Martyrdom, Capture Israeli "Soldier" at a Khan Yunis "Childhood Festival"

#5461 | 03:07
Source: Online Platforms

Celebrations of the Eighth Annual "Childhood Festival" by the Islamic Association in Khan Yunis, Gaza, featured children simulating acts of defiance against Israeli soldiers and policemen. In the play, a girl dressed as a veiled Palestinian woman pushes an Israeli "policeman" in defiance while weapons are trained on her, children throw stones at "policemen," and young boys dressed in military fatigues emerge from a "tunnel" to take an "Israeli soldier" prisoner. A girl reciting a poem called upon children to "die as a martyr, and blow up the enemies." The footage was posted on the Internet on May 5, 2016.


Following are excerpts:



Crowd of children, sitting on bleachers, dressed in school uniform and formalwear holding Palestinian flags, adults in full sized costumes walk through the children.






Little girls dance on stage



Young Palestinian girl: Hurry up, my child, and join the battle! Die as a martyr, and blow up the enemies. Palestine - an Arab clasping victory in one hand, and stones of fire in the other. An Arab filled with challenge, pride, and resolve.



On stage, a group of small boys dressed in military fatigues carrying toy weapons emerging from a "tunnel"



The boys stand in formation on stage.



A mock-up of an Israeli armed personnel carrier is "driven" to the foreground by a boy dressed as an "Israeli" soldier, the boys on stage carry out military drills.






The "Israeli soldier" is seen keeling on stage with his hands behind his back. Two boys dressed in fatigues point their "weapons" at the boy dressed as an Israeli soldier, they are then seen leading the "Israeli soldier" through a tunnel.






Palestinian children are seen pelting rocks at "Hassidic Jews" praying and "Israeli policemen" with weapons. A girl wearing black niqab and hijab approaches the "policemen" who surround her with their weapons.






Two Palestinian girls dressed in fatigues: We are not afraid. The young people of Jerusalem are staging a knife revolution!





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