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Nov 23, 2006
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Chairman of the Union of Arab Lawyers Sameh 'Ashour: Arab Countries and Iran Should Obtain Nuclear Weapons; "Popular Trial" of Bush, Blair and Sharon - Dead or Alive - to Be Held in Cairo

#1010 | 03:30
Source: Syrian TV

Following are excerpts from a speech by Chairman of the Union of Arab Lawyers Sameh 'Ashour, which aired on Syrian TV on January 23, 2006.

Sameh 'Ashour: We support the Iranian people and leadership against the American intervention. We support their right to peaceful nuclear armament. If Iran wants to develop its peaceful nuclear devices, let it do so.

Moreover, I support the right of Iran and of any Arab country to have nuclear weapons. This is our right, brothers.

How come we are being pressured, when we don't even dare to dream of obtaining nuclear weapons? We have the right to dream of having these weapons. Brothers, if any Arab country had nuclear weapons at any point in history, America and Israel would have never dared to do what they are doing to the entire Arab nation. I say this with regret...


I challenge anyone to say that any Egyptian citizen is prepared to trade in Israeli products even if they cost him nothing. This issue does not even require a resolution, brothers. The Arab citizen is qualified by nature for this resistance and for this boycott.


They don't know how to control us. That is why they send us spies, cancerous substances, epidemics and various diseases – because they consider us to be enemies. They consider the entire Arab nation to be their greatest enemy. They don't want developing countries, and they don't want developed countries. They do no want development, economy, (Arab) success or superiority in any field. They want us to be slaves. They want the entire region to be their slaves. That's why we must teach our children that we must be free and strong, and we must reject subordination.

We must declare that all the agreements that were signed are null and void. We must banish them from our conscience and trample them underfoot. We do not recognize them.


After we return to Cairo, on February 3 or 4... Am I right, Abu Ghazi? On February 3 or 4, we will hold a public trial for Bush, Blair and Sharon. We will try Sharon dead or alive, because we are putting on trial the model of Zionism, which has violated all moral and religious principles, and all the international traditions and norms.


Woman in the crowd: Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, be strong, oh Nasrallah. Beloved Hizbullah, strike at Tel Aviv.

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