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Feb 11, 2016
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Capture of U.S. Sailors Reenacted in Celebrations of Iran's Revolution Day

#5317 | 01:08
Source: The Internet

During celebrations of the anniversary of Iran's Revolution, mock reenactments of the recent capture of ten U.S. sailors by the IRGC Navy were held throughout Iran. In footage of one reenactment, from Qazvin Province, shouts of "Death to America" are heard in the background, while U.S. "sailors" lie on the ground or kneel down, the U.S. and Israeli flags placed next to them.

Following are excerpts:

"U.S. soldiers" laying on the ground Israeli and US flags are held by a "U.S. soldier".

Voice of man in the crowd: Death to America!

Voice: Raise the flags.

Two Iranian soldier walk on the scene raising Iranian flags, the "U.S. soldier" drops the U.S. and Israeli flags on the ground

Man shouts: Death to America!

Man shouts: Death to America!

The "U.S. soldier" drops to his knees with his hands clasped behind his neck and lays down on the ground. The Iranian soldiers walk between the "U.S. soldiers."