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Aug 07, 2020
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Canadian Islamic Scholar Kamil Ahmad: Beirut Port Blast Is Divine Retribution Against Lebanon For Spreading 'Vice And Evil' To The Arab Countries, Ignoring Syria's Plight

#8237 | 02:27

In an August 7, 2020 Friday sermon at the Abu Huraira Islamic Center in Toronto, Canada, Canadian Islamic scholar Kamil Ahmad said that the recent explosion at the Beirut port, which took the lives of more than 150 people and left thousands injured, was divine retribution for the "vice and evil" that Lebanon spreads to other Arab countries via "movies and films and all kinds of other evils." He said that the blast has come as a wake-up call to the Islamic nation for its betrayal of its fellow Muslims, and he gave the example of the events in Syria. Ahmad elaborated that the Lebanese people are getting a taste of what their Syrian neighbors have been suffering for years. He ended his sermon by asking Allah to destroy His enemies. The sermon was posted to the Abu Huraira Center's YouTube channel.

Kamil Ahmad: "Such disasters [as the Beirut port blast] happen as a result of our own wrongdoing, as a result of our own transgressions, as a result of our own sins, and as a result of the corruption of society. It is no secret that a place like Lebanon is a place that has spread a lot of vices and evil to the Arab world, from movies and films and all kinds of other evils. Much of [the evil] that exists in the Arab world – its source is this country.


"Such an event is a wake-up call for those who have been affected by it directly, as well as the ummah at large for their betrayal of Muslims around the world. Across the border – only a few kilometers away, what the Syrians have been going through, how thousands and millions have been left without homes, how they have been made to cross the border – this is all a wake-up call, and that is why Allah punishes those who are near before those who are far away. And so what they tasted today in Lebanon, is something that their brothers and sisters across the border have been tasting for years on end.


"Allah, grant glory to Islam and the Muslims, humiliate polytheism and the polytheists, and destroy Your enemies, the enemies of Islam."

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