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Dec 18, 2023
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Canadian Imam Ayman Taher Praises Hamas Founder Ahmed Yassin: He Inspired Generations To Come; Allah Honored Him With Martyrdom

#10789 | 02:23
Source: Online Platforms - "Imam Taher on YouTube"

Ayman Taher, the imam of Ibrahim Jame Mosque in Hamilton, Ontario and chaplain of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, praised Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin in a December 18, 2023 speech at the Toronto Palestine House, which was posted on his YouTube channel. In his speech, Taher recommended that the audience watch a 1998 interview with Yassin, in which he predicted that Israel would come to an end in 2027. Taher added that the audience should let their children watch the interview, "because this is a history that needs to be absorbed."  He said that Yassin has inspired the generations to come and that Allah has honored him with martyrdom. Yassin was killed by an Israeli airstrike in 2004.

Ayman Taher: "When [Al-Jazeera journalist] Ahmed Mansour was interviewing Sheikh Ahmed Yassin – and if you did not watch this, google it and watch it, let your children watch it, because this is history that needs to be absorbed. When Ahmed Mansour was asking Sheikh Ahmed Yassin... He said to him: 'Sheikh...' And the sheikh was barely out of Israeli jails, by the way. He said to him: 'Do you believe that Israel will [be] finished?' He said to him with confidence: 'Yes.' He said to him: 'When do you think it will [be] finished?' He said: '2027.' And I said to myself: 'How calm, how confident this man is.'"


"Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was handicapped. The only thing that moved in him was his tongue. Allah gave him that faith to speak his mind and inspire the generations to come. In the most difficult time, when his own life was not safe, and we know how Allah has honored him. Meaning, [he was] a handicapped man in a wheelchair, if someone tipped him over, he would have fallen off the chair and died, but Allah wants to 'take from among you martyrs.' Four rockets – I'm not sure how many millions each rocket cost – to give him an honorable martyrdom.

"The point I am trying to make here... When he was in jail and after that when he was living in very difficult times, he never had doubt that Allah is going to give victory to His religion, we [also] should not, because he has inspired millions.

"I know I am getting myself in trouble now for speaking on social media. Who cares, because if [we] do not get ourselves into trouble, we will not be getting victory."

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