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Oct 23, 2020
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Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada: Samuel Paty Was A Cursed, Evil-Spirited, Filthy Excuse For A Human-Being

#8409 | 03:25
Source: Online Platforms - "Muslim Youth Victoria YouTube channel"

Canadian imam Younus Kathrada spoke about the re-publishing of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad and the killing of French schoolteacher Samuel Paty, who was murdered by a Muslim youth for showing them to his class, in a Friday sermon delivered at Muslim Youth Victoria on October 23, 2020.

He said that the response to the re-publishing of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons by the Islamic world was weak and that the objection of the Muslim students of Samuel Paty and their parents garnered no attention. Kathrada added that "it is said" that a Muslim youth confronted and beheaded Paty, whom Kathrada described as "cursed," "evil-spirited," and" a "filthy excuse for a human-being." Kathrada called on his audience to boycott French products and services. He ended his sermon with a supplication to Allah, to support the mujahideen over the enemies of Islam and to annihilate those who slander the Prophet. The sermon was uploaded to the mosque’s YouTube channel on October 25, 2020. For more about Younus Kathrada, see MEMRI TV clips no. 8289, 8003, 7896, 7534, 7098, 6950, and 6906.

Younus Kathrada: "We know that some years ago, in some European countries, they published cartoons, claiming that these were depictions of the Prophet, insulting cartoons, depicting him as a criminal. That happened some years ago, and more recently it has happened again. Of course the Muslims objected, years ago, and the Muslims objected again, but this time, not as strongly as they did before.

"But nobody bothered... Nobody paid attention to what the Muslims said... And why should they? Because we, now, are a humiliated people – there is no worth to us – so nobody bothered listening.

"In any event, not too long ago, a teacher in France chose to show those insulting cartoons to his class, at school. And of course, some of the Muslim students who were there were very annoyed and upset and they objected – as did their parents. They spoke up, but nobody bothered listening to them. Nobody paid any attention to them.

"Then, about a week ago, it is said – I repeat, it is said – that a young Muslim man confronted this cursed individual, he confronted this evil-spirited man, he confronted this filthy excuse for a human being, on the street, and he beheaded him.


"Right now, we are angry at what these filthy people are doing, so one of the things that you and I can do is to boycott all French products and services.


"Oh Allah, give strength to Islam and Muslims, and humiliate the infidels and the polytheists. Oh Allah, destroy the enemies of Islam, and annihilate the heretics and the atheists.


"Oh Allah, support those who wage jihad for Your same everywhere.


"Oh Allah, annihilate all those who slandered Your Prophet Muhammad."

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